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Should I even bother?


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About an hour of work got me 8 pigeons, so forget it

Did you look for those yourself or use a guide from the internet? I'd get at least 20 per hour using Games Radar guide.

I'm using gameradars but there is no map to go along with it, so I have to look at the tiny radar pic hey show and interpret where it is. It sucks


Edit: My god, I'm a retard. There is a map. I'll do another hour and check my hourly rate again

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Using the GamesRadar's guides you should have no problem getting it all done. I have to say though , it took about 4 hours for the Social Club website to show the changes reflecting my 100% -- but I believe Rockstar has stated that they are able to see your 100% even if it doesn't show on the website.

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I was hoping to gain 100% this week but I am not bothering now, still only at 52%. Like what I tried to do mostly during the week was get the pigeons and jumps out the way, so far I've managed to clear the first area of both and only have the Pigeons of Algonquin and Alderney plus jumps in Alderney.


Oh well I'd rather have the game be enjoyable and last a while then to rush through it and then be done with it.

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