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SA Save File Glitch Detection and Repair

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Hey I have quite an extraordinary glitch. I duped the mission 'Interdiction' using OM0 strategy to obtain DP leviathan. It quite messed up the map, adding 2 extra leviathans there, but no red helis. I obtained one leviathan freely and commited suicide and this way failed the mission. The leviathan is in garage like normal, and other helis disappeared from map like they should, but a destination near the hill (yellow blip) reminds there and now I cannot load a save due to that blip glitch. And what is more, I cannot normally pass this mission either because now all the time no enemy helis spawn. Help plz, if even possible!

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This topic has become a mess. People keep asking questions that clutter my record of solutions. And it should probably be moved to the Documentation sub-forum with the other save and glitch topics.


Post your questions in another topic and I might come take a look. The missing heli thing sounds sort of interesting but as far as this topic is concerned, this is a natural consequence of experimenting with OM0 exploits. Revert to a previous save and try another strategy.


Point taken on the stray blip though. hmvartak's site should be able to fix it, but his free host tends to get restricted by some av/firewall software and services. I think I finally had to white list his site - I'm sure it's safe, but not every site on this host is as reputable, hence the issues with blockage. But player's haven't been having much luck with duplicate blips created by bad mods either, so another solution is needed. Recent research has documented the complete blip structure, so everything needed for an editing tool is known. Maybe someday someone will create something that can manage the blip pool properly.

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The Online Glitch Repair tool link is broke

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thank you, I've been looking for this for a long time.

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George Cross
On 5/18/2008 at 5:07 PM, OrionSR said:

Pickups: The pickup pool is limited to 620 items. Add more items to IPL and many SCM objects simply won't be added to the save (check the studio weapons). However, the pickup pool needs quite a bit of blank space for random drops and new pickups. If you add many more than 24 pickups to a standard game then temporary drops like money or weapons will disappear quickly or not spawn at all. This is most noticeable during the early gang wars if CJ hasn't collect many horseshoes, oysters, or snapshots to free up some room in the pool. The health and armor frequently disappear when CJ opens fire on the first group of targets and they start dropping more money and weapons.


Does this affected when I apply the no gore/head pop setting, or a CLEO mod similar to that when I using the save editor. Any possible fixes?

Edited by George Cross

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