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I'm stuck on the mission with Phil Bell where you meet him at the strip club and have to go get the truck and drive to the harbor to get the coke boats


How should I go about taking out all those people? I do the duck and cover and somehow always end up getting blazed. I guess what I'm asking is, is there some secret to beating this mission? I beat three leaf cover fine, I don't know why I can't beat this one. lol.

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Always worth making sure you have full health and body armour before starting the mission. Key is to get a head start on the enemy. Once the cut scene ends and Phil is still talking to the man who approaches the van, get out and start killing. Make a dash for the front door but use the cover of the entrance to pick off the enemy. Try not to stand out until most are done, Phil will shoot down some too but you must make sure he doesn’t die.

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Take a cab to the Restaurant and eat a burger. Than go to Ammunition store and buy yourself a vest.

Go start the mission, drive there, hop out of the car and take cover. Kill all the people you can see from your cover point. Once they are dead, choose a different object, run up to it and take cover. Thats the only thing I can suggest to you. Thats how I did it and I passed on the first try.

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i beat it on my 2nd attempt by doing this..


there seems to be more enemies on the left side than the right..grenade spam the left side.lol then finish them off with afew ak rounds...the guys on the right side are easy to take out..then theres a tiny few left out side(about2-3)...then go get the boat..2 boats will try attack you just take them out using drive by method..easy realy and once they are taken out the mission practicaly done just follow bell to the jetty and its over.

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