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No Mod Garages, but At least...


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I think Pay and sprays should give you the option of what colour to change your car into....


They want realism, yet you drive into a garage, and the owner sprays your car in whatever color he sees fit?? hmm


I hate having to roll in and out of one for hours just to get red, or black or something...


Maybey theis should become available in the DLC patch... confused.gif


(but i this list of changes in the DLC is becoming too big now... I bet we will hardly get anything new..)

Four warnings, two temp bans, a sh*tty attitude, and one permaban!


Bagged 'n' tagged.

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tarquin biscuitbarrel

best thing to do is drive around abusing the 'car cloning' shortcut to find a new one.

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