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How to get more than one Infernus


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Firstly this will not work unless you already have an infernus.


This is a simple little trick that i stumbled upon and i will tell you exactly what i did.


1. I started out in the safehouse in alderny and headed behind the old mansion with the sultan RS behind it.


2. I then brought the sultan RS back to my safehouse in alderny and parked it in my parking space (swapping it for my infernus parked there already)


3. Then i drove the infernus to the safehouse in algonquin and parked it there.


Drive on the road from one side of middle park to another at a fast speed with any car and the infernus should pop up. as you drive around now the infernus hsould pop up more frequently


i think this works because the game already has the infernus files loaded and ready to go so it appears more often. This can be used to multiply any car you wish


this worked for all my friends on XBL and i hope it works for you.

add me on XBL if you need any help trying to get this to work.

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lol no sh*t, this glitch is old. Just drive around with an Infernus, leave the area, and come back where all new cars start spawning and more Inferni should pop up.

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