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How do you see how much your friends like you? I know to use certain abilities of your friends they have to like you at or above a certain %. I am playing the game on XBOX 360. Thanks.

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You mean in the game??


Every time a Thumbs up or Thumbs down icon pops up, you know if you made a right move, basically. counter any thumbs down resulting from a call to you, with a call therafter to the party in question! Take them on a date, rather then reply to a request... That makes up for a snub. Also, if a character like Brucie complains about eating at BurgerShot, well, I don't think it'll effect the date... He didn't care for the Commrades bar or 69th Street Diner either, he likes bowling and titties though

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Even if you get thumbs up, it may be a "Bad date" (in stats).


I've got two of them, and i have always got thumbs up after the date/meet.



I propably arrived late to pick up, and chose wrong car, clothes and activity.



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As Algonquin opens, the calls during other 'dates' start and you have to decline, there's no way to manage two at a time, and Roman is all the way across Liberty! Fu*k him!!!

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EDIT: now i read the OP again, and found the question! You can see them in ingame stats, general page.


Girlfrieds are under "player" stats.




They should have made the pick up timer 2 or 3 hours, instead of 1.


There's no way getting in time from other side of map.


Other than taxi / skip trip.


following spoiler has info from late game, do not read, if you don't wanna know anything before hand.


romans wedding, you have to pick up kate from other side of town, and get back within two game hours. i was already driving an infernus, and i really really floored it, and i got almost an hour late to the wedding.


The friends really piss me off ingame. I've killed like 80 people for them, and they still ain't for life. "you are late, wazza wazza!" "but i drove like a maniac, and killed 10 people in progress?!" "late is late bitch, i decrease my likening level for you, haha!"



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