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Font question


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does anyone know which font this is? any help would be awesome


(it's not the "normal" GTA fonts, pricedown/rage/bankgothic)


user posted image

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As far as I can tell it's just good old Arial Black - or some very, very minor variation of that family. The characters in the game/screenshot seem to be a little wider, which could be due to stretching of the image or just a slightly wider version of the font, but the overall shape of the characters themselves seems to be the same.


user posted image


PS: Here's a very handy website - http://www.identifont.com/identify.html

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that's crazy, arial black - how could i not see it? biggrin.gif


good job


you're right about the wider aspect, it might be a modified arial black or it's because of stretching - not sure

if you find the answer, please pm me




EDIT: thanks for the link

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GROSSSSSSS arial black? I thought GTA always used helvetica.


eesh guess everyone on the forum is right...gta4 is a 9, not a 10







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