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Jimmy Pegornio Missions


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I can't remember what the mission was called, but it was the one where you have to drive the lorry of coke to the docks and they are explaining to you how it comes from Vice City etc Anyway, I failed this mission on the first attempt and got the usual txt message asking if I wanted to replay the mission, problem was I had to go out, so I kept the txt message on the phone, went to a safehouse to save the game, noticed that the txt message was still on the phone after i'd saved the game, so I then turned my console off. However when I turned my console back on and loaded the game later that day the txt message had dissapeared and the "J" had dissapeared off the map. Is there any way possible that I can replay this mission? I've tried calling Jimmy but it just goes to voicemail suicidal.gif

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The 'reply mission' doesnt come back after you switch console off. just wait for his call

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