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...when i first got the game i tried out the fighting system

and i wasnt that good and didnt like it that much...it didnt

really bother me too much because there is so much to see and do...(like someone else said...especially if you have a good imagination)...endless scenerios...anyway....


...after reading a few posts i thought i'd give it another go to try and learn how to counter and do different moves...


...well to anyone else who has thought this...you should really try it again...at first i was just standing there like a moron basically button mashing...for those that dont know you gotta hold the target lock down and move around...bob and weave...look for an opening and strike...

..kinda tap block when you see punches coming and then counter with some combos...i personally like the uppercut and elbow...


...i havnt mastered it yet and its not a perfect system but it adds a whole new aspect to the game.....very fun...




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Yea, many things in this game are awkward at first but the beauty is there once you master them... The fighting can be pretty fluid once you get the hang of it, I love kicking people in the ribs while they're getting up heheh.

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I once did a spinning back fist, but I couldn't do it again.

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my best was a spinning bck kick right into some guys head, it killed him i was like O_O no idea how i did it, i figure nikos counter moves are just random preset combos

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