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I was randomly driving through little italy when i spotted a lovely kitted sentinel.The body work was modified,had a spoiler and panelling on the back window like some of the dukes u see, i m not familiar with the terminolgy for that but i m sure u ll know what i mean though.Anyway naturally i stole it from the unfortunate bloke and i was expecting it say sentinel xs or rs something unique like that but it was just called (sentinel)and it didn t seem to perform better but looked the part,very much so.On test driving the beast on my way back to save it at one of my flats i died when some idiot pulled out infront of me and i went flying through the windscreen into a truck doing thirty which obviously killed me.So since then i havn t been able to find my baby and i was hoping there would be a secret location like the sultan rs.So if anyone knoes anything about this special sentinel pls let me know i m sure there are plenty of u that adore that car as much as i do escpecially the one i found. confused.gif

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try doing a search next time, tons of info on this car in this forum. that said, try looking in aldernay, especially the northern part, or on algonquin in Little Italy. They can be found in those locations. It may or may not help driving an ordinary sentinel, or the sultan rs, while looking. good luck.


edit: it does not say Sentinel XS when you enter the vehicle, its just a badge, and obviously the physical attributes you described.

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I seen a some Sentinels around the area where Pegerino's house is. The same thing happened to me today too. When I was driving around that same car drove next to me today. My friend told me to get in it because he said it was the xs car, but once I hopped in it said Sentinel.

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