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A few thoughts on GTA IV


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Ok, been playing for over 2 weeks now and I have to say that I've been having a blast. I'm at work and fairly bored, so I figured I'd comment on what I've noticed so far. I don't think any of the following contains any spoilers. If there are some that I didn't realize, please just post and let me know what to apply to spoiler tag to and how.


--I've seen many posts complaining about the driving aspect of the game and I just don't get it. Driving would be harder in this game even if they didn't change some of the mechanics from the previous GTA's. You are in a city so there is a ton more traffic and it feels like I've taken more corners in the past 2 weeks than all of my time in III, VC, and SA combined. The way they set up the cars is outstanding. Some drive like crap, some drive really well. It is kind of funny, after talking with some friends, none of us like the same car. I think all the different types of cars allows the user to find one that fits his/her driving style.


--No Rampages???? My wife is highly pissed about this. I can't say that I miss them personally, but she loved 'em.


--The strippers are pretty cool, but why do they all sound 'southern'? Why can't we call them over to the apartment and have 'em put on a show there? This one chick keeps giving me her card but I can't use it. I know she wants me. My Niko is a pimp !!!


--I really do miss the buying of properties and running business's. But, hey, it is a new game. Not earth shattering, but that was a really cool feature. I hope they bring this back at some point in the future, especially the buying properties. The business's were cool, but then you had to spend a ton of time driving around to pick up the cash, and that was kinda lame.


--Man-Dates ?? The guys in the game are worse than the girls when it comes to doing activities. Roman and LJ pretty freaking needy, and Brucie..... well Brucie wants to suck on a boner. If he asks me to touch his ass one more time, i'm gonna shoot him in the F'n face.


--Michelle --- F* her. That's all I have to say about that.


--Just like in all the other GTA's, at a certain point in the game, you get a pretty pimp Safehouse. It comes equipped with a hot-tub, pool table etc. One thing they really should have done was allow you to throw a party and have all your friends over to hang out, Strippers included. It would have been cool to be able to use all those things at your apartment. I mean, you already live with Roman, why the heck do I have to drive him around to play pool, when we could just play pool at the Safehouse, call some strippers over and party in the hot tub with 'em?


--Random 'friends' -- these are pretty cool. Nice addition to the game.


--Most Wanted is an outstanding addition to the game. Those are pretty fun. Some of the changes to the vigilante system are nice as well.


--Not too stressed about the lack of planes, being post 9/11 that is completely understandable.


--HEY YELLLLLOOOOW CAARRRRR!!!! --- getting drunk with your dates or friends leads to some of the funniest sh*t ever. My wife and I were in tears watching LJ try to walk to cab, miss the door, and slam his face into the trunk of the cab talking about how he don't feel so well. Great Job, well done.


--I was under the impression that more buildings would be available to explore. I walked by a place called "Videogeddon", the 80's arcade music blaring, tons of neon lights, but couldn't go inside. That was a little disappointing. There are lots of places that I wish were open, but maybe those are there for the DLC?


--Flying through the windshield sucks, but it looks like it really, really hurts. The new character actions/reactions have definitely made me flinch. They are a tad on the 'realistic' side of things. It was kind of funny watching the Helicopter Spot Light follow my dead body around as all the policemen were unloading there fully auto guns into my corpse and pushing it down the street.


--The ability to take cabs. I love it. Thank you so much for putting that in game. I'm so sick of driving my needy friends around town every 30 f'n mins. The cabs save so much time it is ridiculous. Although, I really want to puch Roman's driver in the back of the head and slam his face into the steering wheel over and over and over again.


That's just a short list of thoughts. I'm not trying to rant. So please don't take it the wrong way. I really enjoy the graphics and the gameplay. I enjoy the storyline. But these are some of the things that have crossed my mind while playing. I've completed the game once already and now I'm going through a 2nd time making different decisions and focusing on the 100% mark. And I'll have to go through it again and make a new set of choices.



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tarquin biscuitbarrel

imo all the complaining comes from people still have a bedtime masturbation session over san andreas.


i prefer the new features more than the ones left out from san andreas. gta4 is already bigger and more detailed than was needed. i loved the vice city and san andreas soundtracks, but i love the gta4 soundtrack even more.


pfff... the multiplayer component of gta4 alone is better than san andreas in it's entirity.

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Mister Skiba

The BarNGuild: I have to agree with practically everything you said. Especially the being bored at work and not being able to play, hence getting on here to at least talk about the game.


I love it so far as well. I have played the GTA series since the originals on PC over a LAN. They have come an extremely long way since then and I hope the series never goes away.


Someone made a good point in another forum, and I think this is an appropriate thread to share it in. Since this is the first venture for the GTA series on this current hardware (PS3 and 360) I think it only leaves the door wide open for them to build on this series and continue to make it bigger, flashier, and even more difficult to attain the coveted 100% mark.


GTA III was ground breaking and earth shattering and was like nothing ever seen before on that generation of hardware (i.e. PS2). It litterally opened the flood gates and rasied the bar for games of it's kind, and showed developers that if they spent the time on a title, that's how they get the respect the game deserved. No one had done anything that massive, that full of content to date.


A lot of people use this forum as a tool to complain about all of this "missing" features from GTA IV versus GTA: Vice City or GTA: San Andreas. But I think they are missing the point of this title. This is the first venture on current hardware, and even though the hardware is much improved compared to previous consoles, there are still limitations. As hardware improves, I can guarantee that Rockstar will continue to impress us with bigger, better installments with more content and features.


Patience is a virtue, and rest assured that with the mind-blowing success of this installment in our beloved GTA universe ($500M in the first day?!?!?! nervous.gif ) will just allow them to have bigger budgets, longer time schedules, and more innovations that we have come to expect from this series.


GTA isn't going anywhere any time soon, and with DLC and Episodic Content to keep us happy in the near future... hopefully it will keep us busy until GTA V.

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