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Dangerous Ladders


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I'm sure you're wondering what the topic title is all about. tounge2.gif


Let me indulge you.


Near most waterfronts, there will be ladders leading from the water onto land.

Now pushing a ped into the water will make the ped climb up the ladder.


You jump down after them and push them aside, to get on the ladder before them. Then you position yourself about halfways on the ladder and wait for the ped to climb up.


Here's the funny part: As the ped reaches your bum, he will be forcefully thrown into the water (even dies after doing this twice) and your character will do a small jump before grabbing the ladder again. I even did it once and Niko jumped up the ladder and landed on the ground lol.gif


Edit: This works very well at the platform with the helicopter tours.

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What I love doing is getting peds to chase me up tall ladders then as you get to the top the ped will start to climb the ladder get back on the ladder again and hold A/X and Niko will slide down the ladders colliding with the ped on the way down it's hilarious! tounge.gif

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