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Just wanted to report on some fun sessions of GTA race last night.


One session with 16 people the host set it to service vehicles and we were just about all in the enforcer (police truck) or ambulance, and two ice cream trucks. We were in the figure 8 map around Times Square for about 8 laps. That was rediculous and loads of fun. By the 4th lap, some people who had lost their vehicles grabbed busses and started wreaking havok, just smashing people and making roadblocks. My truck lasted until the very end (only one tire left by then) but then blew up just before the last corner. I finished on the faggio, lol. In spectate we watched another guy on a faggio with no tires doing wheelies, and then a bus came out of nowhere and smashed him into a building. It was like Final Destination. colgate.gif


Another session was around the highways of Broker/Dukes with supercars. I fell behind after being pushed into a barrier in the initial rush. Eventually I climbed up to about 5th out of 10 or so, and realized that the bottom couple players were just camping around the map trying to kill the actual racers. That was half fun and half lame. It was fun when I crested over a hill (jumping in the air) and I see an RPG coming at me!! It missed but that was crazy. It was lame when I got killed and then the same guy kept killing me four times in a row before I could get on my faggio or run away. The fourth time I just ran straight towards him and started meleeing him, punching and headbutting. I was too close for him to shoot, and almost killed him but he did kill me then ran away for health.


Any other GTA Race stories?

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