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Easy ways to get money


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And don't say gambling, it's hard on this game cool.gif

The horse betting track isn't hard, you just gotta have patience. Bet all your money on the last horse having odds of either 11/1 or 12/1. If you lose, quit the game and reload the save again. Do this until you finally win. This way you can earn 11-12 times the money you currently have and you don't require any skill either. wink.gif

best choice

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if you don't mind popping in one cheat (work PERFECTLY with consoles) use HUNTER cheat (if you're good at using fighter choppers) perfect when come in PS2 as the hunter can stand a lot of hits, can play brown thunder (same as Vigiante only different name and vehicle) and start shooting them from mid-air! YOU CAN EVEN REACH 101!!!no joking!!!! I reach that level I've sworn I'm not gonna stop 'till I hit 100 or more....I even reach million! or maybe even more!!!all what you need/have to do is just to spawn a hunter *requires cheating* and start the side-mission! can also work on PC if you're good enough in steering the hunter on PC 'cause I can't so I've never tried that on it actually (I tried it on PS2 btw)

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