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Free Roam :: Prison Break


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Want to introduce a free roam game I want to try out with hopefully a few guys, this is for the serious gamer that likes to work in a team and goes with the leave no man behind game mentality.


Lets start with the map and objectives.


user posted image


Server Setup

- Full City Map

- Friendly Fire ON

- Auto Aim OFF


- All other setups optional


Objective 1: The Meet


- We start off by stocking up on ammo, since its rifles only you got AK`s or M4`s to choose from. Stock up on weapons and armor.

- 1 Player will be the designated CONVICT and all other players will be his ESCORT

- CONVICT proceeds to OBJECTIVE 2 while ESCORT proceeds to OBJECTIVE 1

- Once everyone is in place the CONVICT will hang tight until the ESCORT arrives by any transport they feel is suitable, the escort groups stays together at all times.




Objective 2: Expected


- Once the ESCORT enters The Majestic CONVICT joins in and the group is not allowed to leave the building until they have attained at least a 4 star wanted level.

- Once 4 star wanted level is achieved the group will make its way to OBJECTIVE 3.


Objective Rules:


- Once leaving The Majestic the escape party is only allowed to travel to OBJECTIVE 3 on foot, that means no transportation of any kind is allowed.

- If a player dies he is allowed to get in a vehicle and rejoin the party, once he rejoins the party he will have to discard his vehicle.

- If a player dies once the group has reached the crossing point to the 3rd OBJECTIVE island they will be the backup getaway group, their task is to assemble escape vehicles on the top level of the Parking Garage ready to extract the incoming CONVICT and give fire support from the garage complex when the CONVICT group appears.

- Only 4 seat cars are allowed for the escape, the car groups need to stick together. A car needs to be full before getting into a new car, drivers should be designated before hand to avoid argument.


Part 3: Home Free


- Its all out get to the safe point at the airport. The Job is finished once the CONVICT reaches the terminal.




- If the convict is killed the game is over and the game has to start over.

- The designated leaders are players that has microphones and can direct their team through voice chat.

- The designated getaway drivers are the ones that tries to do a good job at it and not get his team killed by driving like a retard.

- Having fun and being mature is a must.



If your interested in participating in this setup in a private match with mature and professional people then please go to http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=347314 and follow the instructions there.


Any suggestions, please post so we can make changes. Its all about the fun!


Hope to see you guys in game someday!

-- Provac


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Sounds interesting, but first of all:


Are you on 360? And if you are i want to play it.


But wouldn't the group members lose stars as they died. So would it be required to try and keep stars. (which is largley based on the enthusiasm/fairness of the players. Well, unless the convict had 4 stars. Then it would work. So in that case i understand.


Invite me RIEGER12

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I love Free Mode!


Is it PS3 or X360?


If it's PS3, then there's a problem. The designated leaders cannot direct their team if they don't all have headsets too.


I got my hands full getting FMOC off the ground (actually getting some wildly successful 16 player games and getting it hosted by other people!) but when that's done, I'm very much up for this.


If you need any advice/help/suggestions, PM me anytime.

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Doesnt matter if its Xbox 360 or PS3 considering anyone can use this scenario with their friends or groups. Unfortunately I do not have a 360 so il be playing this one with the PS3.


As for the voice problem, youre absolutely right. Gotta find some sollution for that. I guess its advised for people to get a headset or a bluetooth mic or something and the ones without headsets just keep tight to the CONVICT and follow the rules.


My PSN is :: Provac

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