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Mature Players! Clan BBF is recruiting for GTA!


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Are you a mature gamer that's looking for a strong community-based clan, a clan that has been around for years and will be around for years to come? Are you tired of playing with lone wolves and annoying kids? Want to play with the same group of cool people, who emphasize tactical play and teamwork, day in, day out? If so, you've found your clan.


Clan BBF(Baptized By Fire) is made up of gamers mostly in their twenties, thirties, and some geriatrics. We are competitive, practice strategies, but accept all comers. We play clan matches and practice regularly for Halo 3, CoD4, RSV2, and the newly formed GTA division.


As a commander of the GTA division, I am looking for a few good men for my division. We will be having formal practice one night a week (but if you have work, family or other RL obligations you will not be punished), play all the time, and will be competing on GameBattles. While we have many extremely skilled players, the only requirement for joining BBF is that you are cool, mature, and honorable - immature kids, assholes, racists, etc need not apply.


Our clan has 8 years of history, we have a strong community made up of some awesome people, we are very close, but welcoming. We even have a RL gathering once a year! We have a great active message board where we talk about everything from games to sports, technology to tv, movies and music. No politics no religion! We are not a here today, gone tomorrow clan. We are not a clan made up of little kids or high schoolers. We are not a clan of overly serious gamers, who demand you play games all day, have 5:1 KDR, or address people by rank. We are more of a community, a community that likes to play with cool people, avoid asshole randoms, and play smart. If that is what you're looking for, join up!!


To join, visit http://xbox.clanbbf.com/forum - go to the join us section, look at the "how to apply" sticky, and post up! We have a list of gamers, go ahead and add people, and rock out with us on some GTA! Make sure you mention this post when you join!


Any questions? Hit me up on XBL: Richie617 , or email me at [email protected]!


See you online!



XO, Grand Theft Auto IV Division, Clan BBF

Squad Leader, COD4 Division, Clan BBF



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