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Free Mode Organized Crime 360


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This is pretty much the same advertisement as the PS3 one. NOTE: Cottus-Cuhteena gave me permission to use this.

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Free Mode Organised Crime


What is FMOC? FMOC is a particular style of playing Free Mode. It involves players getting together and organising themselves into a bad-ass squad, fully-stocked with some major weaponry. Once we stock up, we follow the game host to a rendezvous point, where we then do some serious damage to anyone that gets in our way.


Game Rules These are VERY important.


1. If you do not follow the rules, you won't be invited to the next game (all our games are invite only).


2. The rules are in effect ANYTIME I organise a Free Mode. So if I invite you, it means I'm inviting you to a FMOC game.


3. If you join a Free Mode and I'm there, it means either one of 2 things; a. I'm just having a general Free Mode game, or b. I'm researching for places to attack/defend. Of course, if you can join Free Mode without an invite, then it's not FMOC.


4. Auto-aim naturally will be off, as will friendly fire. So don't bother shooting any team member.


5. We will use a signal/code system to communicate with each other. See below for this guide. That said, mic's are not required as I don't have one.


6. Anyone can host this game. You don't need me all the time as I've done all the groundwork.


7. We will actively work in scenarios. This scenario system is broken into 3 phases.


Phase 1: Preparation In this mode DO NOT SHOOT ANYONE OR ANYTHING!. Your job is here to collect body armor, weapons & ammo. See my Weapons Pickup Guide below for details.


Phase 2: Rendezvous When you feel you have enough weapons etc, find the game host. If the game host is driving a car full of people, then just follow in another car and be prepared to pick up others. In this phase we will grab whatever vehicles we need, whether it be choppers, trucks, boats etc. Again, in this phase DO NOT SHOOT ANYONE OR ANYTHING!. We will then take the vehicles to our attack point.


Phase 3: Attack You've followed the host to the attack point. The host may have taken you to a building with an accessible roof by stairs, or just a building with an interior, or simply a cool place to fight. Use your common sense here. Place your getaway vehicle away from the action and find a good spot to hole up.


I will give the signal to begin firing... by unloading a full SMG magazine load into the air.


Go nuts.


Phase 4: Getaway Sometimes we'll do this, sometimes we wont. Considering the carnage, there's no real way to give a signal, other than starting to run. So when the game host starts running, follow! We'll make our way to our getaway vehicles and take the battle to the streets/water/skies.


A note: Keep in mind you probably came to this location in a vehicle full of other players... so don't just jump in one of the vehicles and leave everyone else behind! Also, if you approach a vehicle and 1-3 people are inside, firstly clear the area of any cops... then jump in. Cover each other.


Game Settings


Location: Liberty City

Duration: Unlimited

*Friendly Fire: Off

*Auto-Aim: Disallow

*Weapons: Powerful

Police: On

*Traffic: High

*Pedestrians: High

Blips: All

Online ID Display: On

Reticule Health: On

Voice Chat: On

Respawn Distance: Near

*Respawn Time: 1 second

Time of Day: Random#

Weather: Variable#


* Notes setting is different from default # This is flexible


Powerful weapons are important, since you start with an SMG with 180 rounds.


Signal/Code System VERY important. Anyone can use this.


Car Horn: Get in my car & I'll take you to weapons pickups/rendezvous point.


Car High Beams: Get out and pick up the weapon/body armor in the beams.


Hang out of car (L - when driver pulls up to ammo): I don't need any more of that ammo.


Hang out of car (L - for a prolonged period of time): I have all the ammo I need!


SMG Magazine Unloaded into the air: Start the carnage!*


* Only to be done by game host.


Weapons Pickup Guide


Combat Pistol

1st pickup: 90

2nd pickup: 180

3rd pickup: 270

4th pickup: 360

5th pickup: 450

6th pickup: 540

7th pickup: 630

8th pickup: 720

9th pickup: 810

10th pickup: 900 (max)



Spawn: 180

1st pickup: 360

2nd pickup: 540

3rd pickup: 720

4th pickup: 900

5th pickup: 1080

6th pickup: 1200 (max)


Carbine Rifle

1st pickup: 240

2nd pickup: 480

3rd pickup: 600 (max)


Combat Shotgun

1st pickup: 48

2nd pickup: 80 (max)


Combat Sniper

1st pickup: 36

2nd pickup: 50 (max)



1st pickup: 6

2nd pickup: 8 (max)



1st pickup: 9

2nd pickup: 18

3rd pickup:


Note: You can only choose 1 of either Molotov or Grenade.


Some advice: Ensure you have max of your primary weapon (Rifle/Sniper/Shotgun). Also it's good to have a decent secondary weapon (1 of those 3). Also have a max of the SMG... yes it's 6 pickups but how boring would it get for you in the getaway phase if you run out of useable ammo? Plus, SMG serves as a backup to your primary & secondary weapon.


Body armor is a must. I don't need to explain that.


I'd also grab have a full stock of RPG's & at least 1 pickup of Grenades/Molotov's.


Contributing Game Ideas


Here's a good resource:




If you want to contribute, jump in Free Mode by yourself and start scoping out places. A handy thing to know is where the buildings with interiors are (under Points of Interest). I plan for us all to rendezvous outside one of these buildings, then start shooting a few people to get some cops on their way. Then, we start the carnage and eventually head inside when the police choppers arrive or when the heat gets too much.


In scoping out places, be sure with buildings with interiors that the cops DO follow you inside. If you kill any cops on foot that recently followed you, but then no other cops show up... then it's no good.


Also, I'm looking for buildings that have interiors, with a stairway all the way to a decent-sized roof.

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i forgot to add you last night brownman. i will hit you up tonight. i am good for killing a few dozen cops on any given night.

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It works pretty fine if you just go into any free mode and say something like 'It'd make more sense if we stopped killing each other, stocked up on weapons and ganged up on the police.' If some idiot doesn't have a mic, then you just have each other's backs when he tries to kill you until he gets the picture.


But whatever, I'm in as soon as I get the old 360 back. Hopefully GTA wont be like Halo and people will be online after a month of it being released.

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Actually Cottus-Cuhteena gave me permission to use his post for a 360 section.


Problem is folks is that I am going to be camping this weekend so I will not be able to play. I will be back on and normally I get on after class which is around 3:30 or 4.



If anyone wants to set one up this weekend go for it.



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*Stamps this thread with an official "FMOC Certified Genuine" seal*


There. If anyone mentions they stole this thread again, I.... won't like you tounge.gif


P.S. This is a great idea, I'd totally do it if I had an X360 *laughs*

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Im always up for free mode carnage if im online. Feel free to add/invite me GT: Aspir420

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To me, this game sounds like it blows. But still, it's good to see people making up their own games.

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yes thts exactly what i like to do in free roam


GT- yourface12


send friend request

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So what exactly are you doing once you're in the game? You listed the rules but there is no objective or gameplay to be found.

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GT: FriTheAntiHero


(Still waiting for my GTA IV) moto_whistle.gif


@ ZombiePanties: To kill cops. sigh.gif

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Sounds good. Tag=Frozen Arrow.


Also there is a very nice apartment with the 3rd floor fully accessible, shootable windows, shootable windows in the halls with the stair cases, and the door is sort of hidden in an alley. Since the door is in an alley, you can't drive a car up to it, but on the road a little way over there is an apartment with just stairs that faces the street. You can climb those stairs, hope onto the building connected to it, then there is a giant wooden plank that connects that roof with the roof of the first building with the large interior. (Also makes it a bit easier to land a helicopter.) (The building with the large interior is the one where you go in singleplayer for a drug deal but there are undercover cops.) ph34r.gif

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Hey guys, sorry I got your messages so late. I went camping (13.7 miles!!!) and I'm sore as a rock. Hopefully during the week Ill be able to get on but I suggest everyone adding each other and setting up some games. I'm probably going to be available every day this week except thursday, from 3:30-6.


Can't wait!

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so hopefully i can talk to souleronin about merging our group so that way we can even be bigger with the 360 free mode rampage.

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alright Ill add you later tonight or tommorow

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