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Random Pedestrians


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I know this has been posted quite a few times people but I am just trying to help because I had quite a bit of trouble with finding this information and I know there are some others out there struggling.


Random Characters Pedestrians Perverts (just a few tags for people using the search function)


If you pair this information with the random pedestrian map that you can find in a number of places online, or in-game. You should have no trouble with this. If you have any questions send me a message and I'll help as much as I can.


Text message cars, refer here: Stevie's Cars

Pigeon/Flying Rat hunters, refer here:Pigeons

Stunt Jumpers, refer here:Jumps

Google style map of Liberty City: Map


Here it is!


Gonna do spoiler tags for those who click unknowingly!




Badman's mission becomes available after you complete the "Shadow" mission for Little Jacob. Look for him around Harrison Street and Dukes Boulevard. Take Badman to the alleyway just off Carrollton Street and take out the Russians. There are three of them. Running a car through the alley is a good way to start off the fight. The last one will try to run.




1. Look for Jeff in East Holland, Algonquin. Follow his wife and take photos of her cheating. There is a car you can use next to you, after the scene. Follow them into the cafe. They are upstairs. Reward: $1000.

2. Jeff will call your cell phone about this mission. Head into the underground parking structure. Jeff will ask you to dispose of the body. Drive the car to the marker, but if any cops see the body, you'll get a wanted level. When you reach the marker, drive toward the ocean, and jump out. The car will sink into the water.

3. Jeff will ask Niko to kill his new wife. Niko will refuse and Jeff will walk away. Karma will then catch up with Jeff. Grab the money he drops, and hop into the abandoned sports car.Not needed for 100%




1. Brian is next to Roman's cab company. It's not much of a mission, but when you first encounter Brian, he insults you and talks about how rich he is and demonstrates it by giving Niko $100.

2. Brian is around the corner from your first safehouse (Western Crockett Avenue in Hove Beach). He's become a junkie and asks you to drive him to meet his dealer. After you pick up his drugs, drive him home.

3. Brian is next to the gun shop (Munsee and Dillon in Downtown Broker), go with him to pay off his dealer. His dealer will try to beat him up, so point a gun at them and they'll run away. Take Brian home to complete the mission. Reward: $500




1. First appears in Southern Algonquin at a park with a large fountain in City Hall. She asks you to take her to her "dealer" in Alderney. You'll end up giving her $500.

2. Appears at Ivy Drive South and Quartz in Northwestern Algonquin. Look for her early in the morning (try 10am or so). She will ask you to drive her to Grand Easton Station.




Ivan is only available if you spared his life in the "Ivan the Not So Terrible" mission. He is in Acter, in Alderney. Take Ivan to collect his money. In the alley, you'll get into a shootout. There are three guys on the ground, one on the roof to your right, one on the fire escape to your left. Each of them drop cash. Reward: $1000 Not needed for 100%




Mel becomes available after you complete the mission "Escuela of the Streets" for Manny. This is the same guy Niko knocked over in the scene before the mission "Bull in a China Shop." He is in Hove Beach, on the corner of Masterson St. and Mohawk Ave. He asks you to drive him to his loanshark. When you get there, the loanshark promises violence. There are three of them, and all are armed with pistols. Reward: $500




This random mission unlocks after you've completed the "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" mission. In Acter, on the corner of Babbage Drive and Hardtack Ave. you'll find Gracie (the woman Niko kidnapped). She'll recognize him and call for her mob family to attack. Take cover, or run across the street. Take them out, and pick up whatever money they drop.




Sara's mission become available after you clear Hossan's mission. She can usually only be found late at night.


1. She asks for a ride home. When you get there, her husband tries to beat you up. Beat him up, and take the money he drops.

2. She is on the northeast corner of the Fishmarket (Pier 45), in Algonquin just south of the Broker Bridge. Try early in the morning before noon. She asks you to pick up a package at Perseus. It will cost you $500 for the package. You get $1000 when you bring her the package.





1. Pathos is at star Junction in Algonquin. Speak to him, and some haters will taunt him. Follow Pathos to the alley across the street and fight the two guys beating up on him. Using a bat is most recommendable to not attract any unnecessary attention. Having guns equipped -- even before the initial cut scene with Pathos -- will cause police to appear and open fire on those involved in the fight.

2. (Spoiler) Pathos' second mission is near star junction again. Some haters instigate a fight and shoot him. You must take out the haters and transport Pathos to the hospital before he deceases.


Ilyena Faustin


She is in Firefly Island, near the pier. This mission is only unlocked after you've finished the mission "The Puerto Rican Connection." She asks you to get a guy to leave her daughter alone. Head over there and talk to him. Then beat him up, but don't kill him. Doesn't matter if you kill him, I did.




She is at the corner of Wardite and Exeter in Northwood. This mission is only available if you spare Cherise in the Ruff Rider mission. Head over to her boyfriend and teach him a lesson. Don't kill him, just beat him up.Not needed for 100%




Hossan will be selling fake handbags on a street corner in Southwestern Algonquin. After conversing, he will ask you to accompany him on a collection. Your reward for helping him is $500




Clarence's mission becomes unlocked after you complete the mission "Blood Brothers" if you chose to spare him in the mission "Holland Nights." When you find Clarence, he'll thank you for sparing his life by trying to kill you. He is armed with an SMG. Kill him to complete the mission.Not needed for 100%


Eddie Low


1. Eddie is found in the far left of Alderney City in an alley across from Auto Exoticar. He can only be found at night (try around midnight). He asks you to drive him to the docks, then to Star Junction.

2. Eddie can be found in Berchem this time, once again at night (try 3am). Speak to him, and he'll attack you. Kill him to complete the mission. To trigger 2nd encounter you must first read about the "Serial Killer" in on the internet or hear about him on the radio, just go to the internet cafe after 1 day has passed in-game since the first meeting.

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This is just copied off a site.



What would be better, is if someone made or had a map with the dots of ALL people, not excluding people. (such as Brian)

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This is just copied off a site.



What would be better, is if someone made or had a map with the dots of ALL people, not excluding people. (such as Brian)

A map for the random's is not possible because some are have to be triggered and by certain things and a map would just leave you confused, that's why I said use the info here PAIRED with the map to find the locations mentioned here.

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This is just copied off a site.



What would be better, is if someone made or had a map with the dots of ALL people, not excluding people. (such as Brian)

yesssss that is what I want...

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It’s also worth mentioning that Jeff’s missions are not required to get 100% either.

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