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I have done the last mission i think 20 times now and it almost seams like i have a glitch. BTW this is the money ending (deal)every time i get close to the marker under the helicopter i grab on, like all the guides say will happen, and i tap the life out of my (A) button, and without fail no matter how soon i get to the marker and start tapping , the other helicopter demitri is in, rockets the heli i'm grabbed onto ( Jacobs ) and i fail the mission. This is really aggravating...... i hope someone has figured out a solution to this because its not something i can figure out PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Reverend Buddy

Although it sounds stupid, when you hit A, let go all the way so it goes all the way up, then hit it again. biggrin.gif. also, try getting close to Dimitri's helicopter so you can get to LJ's helicopter quicker.

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