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Xbox360 w/ Toshiba Drive *Disc unreadable error*


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I've had the GTA IV game for about 4 days now. I have an XBox360 w/ Toshiba drive. Played it fine with no problems the first two days, then all of a sudden during gameplay on the 3rd day, I got a "disc unreadable error".

Then the same error started happening more frequently from then on.

Now, everytime I load GTA IV it says "disc unreadable" after all the startup loading screens. The game simply won't load at all. Very dissappointed. The disc looks very clean with no scratches too.


Halo 3 works just fine and it even has scratches on it. COD4 works, and so does my other games. I'm just not able to play GTA IV anymore.


Any suggestions



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I have the same problem, except that it doesn't happen to me so often. I went into Game (UK Game store) to get a replacement disc, however being as I got it from Amazon they wouldn't do a swap. So I got the disc repaired for a couple quid. I haven't played it since then so I couldn't tell you if it's fixed the problem.

I suggest you finding the recite you got with the game, take it to back to wherever you got it from and tell them what's going on and they should swap it for a new disc. Mine gets the 'unreadable disc' message probably because there are 3 big scratches on the disc probably made by the 360 its self. Anyway, go get it replaced and it should be okay. If it still happens after you got a new disc either go and get yet another new disc, or ring up/email MS and tell them about the problem, I'm sure they'll have an answer because it's happening to a lot of other people to.


EDIT : Well now I've played it I've not had any problems so far ( Touch wood ) no problems with it doing it when I'm on multiplayer which is usually when it happens.

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Mine had only frozen and got disk unreadable about twice but it sometimes it freezes and then starts again.


Also i took the disk out and it was bumpy round the edge and looked like it could have been melted. confused.gif

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