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Favorite mission?


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For me it's gotta be Three Leaf Clover so far, everything from the cutscenes to the fighting in the street is just so cool for me. A nice little addition was Derrick's comments about his time in Ireland fighting with the IRA ("I haven't seen combat like this since Belfast!" and "This feels just like The Troubles!"). I'm sure there'll be cooler missions than this one but so far I think it's the best mission. What's yours?

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I enjoyed the Bank robbing mission. Blasting the vault down, loading the cash, distributing the duffle bags. Tearing up the cops at the front entrance. Blowing up a few cop cars, going from back alley to back alley fighting off cops. Leading the pack to the undergound subway, and then making a great escape in the huntley. THEN GETTING FKIN PAID! Too bad I have all that money and cant spend it on shiet....

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