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Cant change clothes or haircut


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hi to all... sorry for bothering but i have a problem..


im someewhere in the 30% of the game i tink and till now all fine.. no problems at all.. and then i decide to change the cloths a little bit for a fifht time i think all times no problem .. but this time wherever i enter and pick the any cloth- jacket , t shirt or hat or whatever the game accept and i get somekind of APLAUSE!!!! sound .. and the guy enters in a dressing room and he never get out.. and the minuttes passes and nothing.. i can only hit ESCAPE button and reload... the game doesnt freeze or nothing just that he never gets out from the dressing room..... same ocurres with a haircut!!!!... like for example ELVIS that costs 1000 $ ... the barber covers the caracter and he never finnish...


can anyone help me.. i didnt use any MOD or ingame modification whasoever only fresh clean install mercie_blink.gif



my spec are:

Operating system : XP SP2

Graphics card type NvidiaGforce 9200 512 RAM

Processor AMD 3200+

RAM 1024 MB

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Did you purchase the game in the shop or downloaded it from the Internet? Are you using No-CD crack?

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i got my game from the friend who buy it in england... so i beleve its a clean... ihe even gave me a box


and im not using a cd crack ... allthough he said that i should


he is playing the same with an nocd crack and he doesnt have this problem

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No warez chat here please.




Is the game original or not?

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