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A couple questions before I redo game


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1) Is anything even gained from dating Michelle? Or is it all a waste because she turns on you anyway and you cant date her anymore. On that note, does dating Kate do anything?


2) The bruice mission, No1 - getting the bulletproof car and saving it: Can you save this mission til you have multiple savehouses? (so you can get multiple of this car)


3) Is it better to try and get 100% like/respect from people like Jacob, as you go along? or just do it all at the end


4) Is there any cars from missions that are really worth to save? Or where and what cars are bulletproof?



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1) No. Both Michelle and Kate have no abilities or rewards for dating them, they are not even needed for 100%. You could say it was pointless being able to date them but Michelle was like a tutorial of how to date (in GTA4) and Kate was part of a family you work for that became infatuated with you/Niko.


2) Yes. Not that I can vouch for this through personal experience but others on the forums have left that mission until very late in the game due to hating races or just wanting to do other things.


3) Well the drug deliveries side mission you can do for Jacob does help your like & respect factors with him and boosts each time you complete a job but they really raise when you do the social activities.


4) I haven’t come across any BP or other special vehicles worth saving but there is a very cool one you get from Bernie Crane after completing the mission Buoys Ahoy. I fire red/orange Infernus.

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