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Friends & Girlfriends


Recommended Posts


GTA4 Friends


Roman Lil Jacob Bruice Packie Dwayne
Wake Time any 1pm-4am 8am-1am 3pm-6am 11am-3am
Special Unlocks 80% 75% 75% 75% 60%
Special Free Taxi Cheaper Guns Heli Ride Car Bomb Backup
Fav Eat Spots Burger Shot, any Cluckin' Bell Expensive Places Pizza This, Burger Shot Cluckin' Bell, Expensive
Fav Bar/Club Any Bar Club Liberty Jerkovs Stienway Beer Garden Club Liberty, Jerkovs
Strip Club Strip Club Strip Club Lucky Winkles, Strip Slub Superstar Cafe

Note: To become friends with Dwayne you must choose to kill Playboy X and reply to the email Dwayne sends you after Playboy is dead.




• All the guys like going to the strip clubs (werd)

• Don't repeat activities back to back. ex. If you went drinking last time out do something else

• Brucie & Dwayne like expensive stuff & places

• Apart from the usual activities, you can go on heli & boat rides w/ Bruice and some girls

Edited by meth.
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GTA4 Girlfriends Guide


Storymode Girls


Michelle Kate McReary
Wake Time 6am-11pm 8am-12am
Fav Activities Darts, Pool Darts, Pool
Fav Bar/Clubs Comedy Club, Steinway BG, Lucky Winkles Steinway BG, Lucky Winkles
Niko Style Likes Russian, Hats, Glasses Modo
Cars Like Roman's Cab, Merit,Voodoo, Banshee, Blista Patriot, Comet, Rebla, Habanero, Super GT
Cars Hate Futo, Fortune, Uranus, Primo, Soliar Peyote, Voodoo, Solair, Sultan RS, Moonbeam, Stretch
• Storymode girls don't care where you eat

• Kate will never let you in (to feed her your coffee beans)



Internet Girls


Carmen Ortiz Kiki Jenkins Alex Chilton
Screen Name SoBoHoe LawChick Liberated Woman
Special Health Boost Clear Wanted Level Clothing Discount
Wake Time 1pm-6am 6am-2am 6am-2am
Fav Activities Darts, Dinking, Clubing Bowling, Darts, Pool Any, Strip Clubs, Drinking
Fav Bar/Clubs Strip Club, Any Club or Bar Comedy/Cabaret, Lucky Winkles Jerkovs, Strip Club
Shows any any any
Niko Style Likes Modo or Persus Russian Persus, Glasses
Niko Style Hates Glasses, Russian, Moto Jacket anything expensive anything not Persus
Cars Like Dukes, E109, FXT, Stallion, Sultan RS Chavos, Dilettante, Marbella, Washington, Willard Cognoscenti, Huntley, Infernus, Stretch, Turismo
Cars Hate Dilettante, Marbella, Merit, Minivan, Stratum Coquette, Infernus, Sabre GT, Super GT, Turismo Bobcat, Dukes, Emperor, Pony, Willard
• Internet bitches give an idea of what they like and don't like in their bio so read them.

• Internet girls specials unlock around 95%




Sources :: Some info from a guy (Dark Night 128) on another forum, the Brady guide, GTA4 wikicheats, personal experience

Edited by meth.
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That friends guide says 60% unlocks free taxi rides with Roman -- not completely true because I had to reach 80% to get the free taxi rides. Even at 70% I didn't get the call from Roman to get a free taxi ride until I got 80%. I had 100% resepct from Roman and 80% frienship before I had the free taxi option from Roman.

Edited by moggle333
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I don't understand the point of advancing with Kate because there are no rewards for that. She not like the other girlfriends who invites Niko in because that won't happen.

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Shes an ice queen. There's plenty of girls like her in the reality. Not every bitch is gonna give it up after a date or two.


I'm coding the 2nd table for the internet bitches now.

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Hey sweet I could use some of these tips! I called Jacob and Packie a couple times and they were asleep. I wanna get his stupid weed missions done soon. I hate junk ride you have to deliver it in! bored.gif

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