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I love the site and the forums, but I think the forums need a forum or pinned topics dedicated to reviews and opinions on GTA games only. For example, the GTAIV forum seems to be out of control with topic titles like "GTAIV Sucks", "Major Disappointment", "Rockstar Ruined GTA", "Multiplayer is Crap", etc. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I respect that. But I feel the site might need a forum for it. For members to write reviews on the games and give their opinions. Or maybe at least put these topics in the Debates & Discussion forum. To me, it just seems like a good idea. That's all.

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If you click on one of those topics you will see that there are those who agree with the topic starter, and there are those who disagree. Pinning topics like that will not solve absolutely anything since majority of new members post irrelevant crap all over GTAF anyway. General forum is perfect place to give your opinion on the game and see what others think. Also, those topics usually turn into spam/flamefest and get locked anyway. For professional reviews go to sites like IGN and Gamespot.

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I dont think this will resolve. Most newcomers dont even bother reading the rules, or pinned topics.


Only today I reported around 5 or 6 XBL and PSN tag topics, when there is a pinned one in the top of the multiplayer forum.


I guess what we can do is make a topic to rant about GTA4, on GTAIV. That's all we can do. Pinning it wont do any good, because it would clutter up the already big list of pinned topics in GTAIV.


EDIT: click here.

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You can write reviews and post them in gaming chat. If they were done correctly they would likely be added to this topic. Pinning a single review seems like an odd idea though.


Not to mention the fact that reading a review has never changed my opinion of something I have firsthand knowledge of. No matter how many people stand here and tell me that <insert game name here> kicks ass, if I don't like it, I don't like it. I'd think the same would apply here, no number of reviews is going to change the mind of someone who disagrees with the reviewer's opinion.

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