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Evreytime i start shooting somebody online, the person shoots back and kill me with just 1-2 hits. How is that possible cause when i'm shooting somebody i takes a lot more hits to down him. Very few times i manage to get a headshot with auto aim and then my enemy dies in 1 hit, butt against me this happened all the time. Are they just lucky or is there a technique?

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Auto aim only locks onto an opponents chest from what I've seen, I think you can 'tweak' your aim with the right analog stick to aim higher for the headshot. With that being said, if you're auto aiming at someone wearing body armour then they'll take quite a few shots to take them down!

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Any number of reasons:


He's manually aiming and has better aim than you do.


He's wearing armor and you're not.


He has a better gun (an M4 does a lot more damage than a 9mm).


He's firing in short controlled bursts, and you're just blasting away (the longer you fire in a sustained burst, the less accurate it becomes).


I've also seen it happen occasionally due to server lag - on a heavy game (lots of people, busy night), the server tells you that your target is in one place when he's actually somewhere else. So you think you're shooting him but you're not. That doesn't happen nearly as often as the above situations, though.'


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