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Your Computer Specs, Whats best for GTA3?


Recommended Posts

That is a sweet computer.  Although, I would have bought 512 MB of PC2700 RAM or DDR333 instead of 768 MB of PC2100 RAM.  Still, very nice computer.  How much did that cost you ?

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P3  900mhz

256mb sdram

20gb hdd

GeForce 2 Ti 64mb ddr

Sound Blaster Live 5.1


My gta work real good 40-50 fps (at 640, 16bit) but when i raise it, it lags a bit

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P4 1.7ghz

Gf2 MX 400 64mb running nVidia dentonator 29.42 drivers(latest)

Win XP Pro

V92 56ker

Getting the new thing in the geforce series as soon as it gets out... Its too late for gf4... WANT gf5


Im going to get the game today(i think..)

Already downloaded the patch cuz everyone seems to have trouble..

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My specs:


MSI K7T-Turbo mainboard

AMD Athlon 1200 Mhz

128 mb Sdram

40 Gb Maxtor HD

Gforce 2mmx-32 mb

52x speed cd-rom


I Have the game running at 640x480x16 and the first 15 minutes a have a smooth 30 fps, but after those 15 min. The game begins to have slowdowns, and thats f*cked up!!!

My pc is fast enough to have Max Payne in a resolution of 1024x786x32. So why not GTA3???????


I think its because of my small amount of memory, but the biggest problem of course is the game it self, hopefully Rock* brings out a new patch soon, where they do handle these problems!!!!



Holland Rules!!!!!!!!! :devil:

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my specs:

Athlon XP1800+ (1,5 Ghz)

512mo DDR PC2100

Asustek A7V-266E (266A Via chipset)

C-Media audio (integrated)

Asus Geforce3 Ti200 - Detonator 29.80 WHQL

2x IBM 7200 40Go

windows XP Pro

USB pad (thrustmaster)


Game :

1024x768 32bits

no antialiasing

max detail (depth)

all options turned on (even trails, i love them)

frame limiter ON


constant 30fps everywhere, drop to 27/28 with rain.


without Frame limiter - totally jerky, too much lag,

fps going to 70fps, then down to 25 without any reason. unplayable, thks to rockstar for didn't even optimised their engine for the PC.


yes, 30 fps isn't what we could expect from a pc game, we usually play games at 60+ fps...but we should be happy to even play GTA3 considering actual PC gaming health.



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1.5 Intel Pent 4

256 mb Ram (forget which kind  :/ )

Geforce 2 100/200


thats the important sh*t.


It runs kinda okay, but it all seems like its in slow mo... not really laggy, just slow mo. Its wierd.

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Athlon XP 1600+ (clocked at 1.06 Ghz...?)

512 MB of RAM

ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 8500 w/ 128MB of RAM

19" monitor

XP Pro

Creative SoundBlaster PCI 512

40x CD-ROM

60 GB harddrive (and will be accompanied by an 80 pretty soon)

Abit motherboard...as far as I know.


As my computer stands right now...

$1500 USD.

Used to run like a dream...

Now, whenever I shoot my gun for more than 5 seconds, it freezes. Siiiigh...



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Athlon Xp 2000+ @ 2200+ (the power of overclocking)

KG7-Raid mobo

1G DDR @ 333Mhz

GeForce3 Ti500 @ 265Mhz clock and 575Mhz Mem.

80G ata133 maxtor hdd

60G ata100 maxtor hdd

13G x2 Raid segate hdd (although XP raid would work better)

16x dvd

32x16x40 lite on

SB Audigy...(the 1 with da panel)

56Gay Modem (god i hate them :sui: )


u cant get anythin' btr 2 run gta3 .. ..

word LAG doesnt even exist (@1024x768)

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-P4 1.7Ghz

-Voodoo5 5500 AGP (64MB)

-Soundblaster Audigy Gamer

-256MB PC2700 DDR RAM

-80GB ATA100 7200RPM w/8mb Cache (special edition  :colgate: )

-32x cd-rom

-Abit SD7-533 MB (SiS 645 chipset)


Before I had onboard sound and it was freezing in certain situations.   :angry:  But now that I have the soundblaster it runs fine  :D  GeForce4 here i come!  :D

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Dell Dimension 4100

P3 1Ghz


20 gig hd

Xtasy Geforce4MX440 64 MB

1024x768 current res



at first when i was running Windows2000 it kept crashing and restarting my computer but i switched to Windows98SE and tweaked some setting in the display options and now it runs without flaw

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Dell Dimension 8200


P4 2.53 Ghz



SB Audigy Platinum EX

GeForce 4 Ti4600

Win XP / Win 2000 Dual Bootable


It runs a lot faster than the PS2 version, it maxes out at about 90-100 frame rates.


The only problem i know is that if youre running an intel 845G chipset (im not) and your processor is less than 2.0 GHZ and you have a Geforce 4 ti series card with 128 mb ram on it, the CPU can not keep up with the graphics card and as such gets confused as to what its doing.




He who laughs last, thinks slowest

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AMD Athlon XP 1800+

MSI K7t266 Pro 2

80GG, 7200RPM Maxtor HDD

PNY GeForce 3 - 64MB

256MB PC2100 DDR

Sound Blaster Live! X-Gamer 5.1

Windows ME

3DMark2001 Score - 7595


Its a homebuilt system, cost about $500, and PERFECT performance. Always at about 60FPS, running in 1024x768x32, w/ everything all the way up (gotta love that draw distance) I dont know why some people are having bad performance out of gta3. *shrugs* it might be because of that EVIL active desktop. TURN Active desktop OFF! It slows down EVERYTHING! not just GTA3. And use *.BMP wallpapers, not JPEG or GIF.

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AMD Athlon XP 1500+

256 MB PC2100 DDR

40 GB MAXTOR 7200

Tornado GeForce 2 MX 400

AC 97 Audio...

with win 98 se:

really GREAT PERFORMANCE without frame sync and limiter

but with winxp pro:

all the subtitles and meny letters are squares and the shadows in the game too, but the game runs really good, near to great  :dozing:  the same as when u thick 'disable texture' in 3d analyze...



So guys is there any fix for gta3 on winxp, cuz i try it on 2 PCs (the another is with intel 815 chipset), with the newest drivers but the squares are there.... 10x

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Download and install this :


Win XP Fix


There have been problems reported with Windows XP Pro about missing textures (i.e. Roads turning blue or disappearing all together.).  If this happens, turn the frame limiter on and it should stop.



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man my pc sucks huge ones check this out


Intel Celeron 465 Mhz

256 Mb SD Ram

10 Gig HD

Geforce 4 Mx 420

Windows Xp Professional

52X CD-Rom


Dont believe me look








I think this is great!! for my sucky pc that is..



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AMD Duron 1200


20GB 7200

3D Prophet II MX400


Windows ME









:rah:  :r*:  :devil:

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10x jmac, but under xp and i815, gta3 still suxxxxxx.... i prefer my geforce 2 =}

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LOL, no doubt.  What is a "graphics controller?"  They should call it what it really is, basic VGA.



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256Mb RAM

40 GB HD

32 MB Nvidia GeForce 2 MX

17" Sony Trinitron Monitor

Conexant V.90 56K Data Fax Modem

Windows XP Home Edition

Dell Dimension 4300


I have my resolution set at 800x600x32 in game.  Runs at a pretty steady pace but slow at times when in chase or constantly changing radio.  A little sketchy at times when you look off into the distance.

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AMD Athlon Xp 1800+

128mb 2100DDR Crucial

Iwill Xp333R Mobo

Verto Geforce2 Mx400 64mb SDRam

8.4 Gig Hard Drive

Windows 98SE


Well Gta3 starts out ok but as I play longer it gets choppier and choppier to the point that it is unplayable.  And this is on the first island, once i get to the second island its over... too choppy to play.  It doesnt seem to be graphics/processor but more slower/older Hard drive and lack of ram (128) sooo, until I upgrade anybody have any suggestions? I've already ran Scandisk and defragmented my HD but still have the same effects.


Oh yeah Im running 640x480x16



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I think it is because you only have 128 MB of RAM.  It probably runs out of storage space for the textures and that is why it starts to get sluggish as you play longer.

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M/B DFI AD70sc

Athlon xp 1700+

2x256Mb 266DDR Ram

Hd Quantum 20Gb UDMA100 7200r

Creative GeForce 4 Ti4200 64Mb

SBLive! player 5.1

Win98 se

Directx 8.1b

Detonator 29.40


No windows, CPU or GFX tweak. Audio on HD and NO-CD Crack. A patch that turn off radio (i found it in this forum).

Smooth in all islands at 800x600x32, full distance details, limiter on, sync off, D3D set to best quality, agp aperture size set to 256Mb.

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1.2 GHz AMD Athlon T-Bird CPU

Gigabyte GA-GF1280 (GeForce2 MX) GPU (205c/195m)

Maxtor 56 GB, 7200 RPM HDD

512 MB PC133 SDRAM

Windows ME with 94% free resources (96% if I take off my firewall).

3237 points on 3DMark2001




800x600x32, dynamic acoustic modelling, Miles 2D sound, full draw distance, and no patches.

Test time : 2450750ms (About 40 minutes.)

Tested :  High speed, Callahan Bridge, 6-star wanted level, rain, fog, cut-scenes, etc.

Fraps log :

2002-07-09 00:24:01 - GTA3

Frames: 65287 - Time: 2450750ms - Avg: 26.639 - Min: 13 - Max: 31

What's changed since the last test:

Level 1 anistropy instead of Level 2 anistropy.

0 LOD bias instead of -3 LOD bias

GeForce2 compatibility mode instead of Max Acceleration

Overall improvement :

Average is 4 fps higher.

Minimum is 5 fps higher.


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P4 2.0Ghz

384 MB PC800 RDRAM

60GB 7200rpm HD

Leadtek 128MB Geforce4 TI4400

WinXP Home

19'' Trinitron Monitor (100Hz refresh)


Run at 1280 x 1024 x 32bit with 4x AA and no noticeable slowdown.

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Athlon 1Ghz clocked to 1.2Ghz

384Meg @ 133

128Meg @ 100

Abit KT7A

40G 7200rpm HD

Radeon 64DDRvivo

Sonic Fury sound.

XP pro.


800x600x32 pretty laggy usually. not happy with it.


3D Mark2001SE - 3252 which I don't think is very good either.

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AMD Athlon XP 2200+

nViDia GeForCe 4 Ti4600

1 GB of Corsair XMS PC2700 DDR

120 GB Western Digital

80 Gb Western Digital Special Edition

WinXP Professional

21' Moniter

Two 100 Watt Altec Lansing Systems


GTA3 runs really well on this computer, on my old computer, it was complete CRAP.


PIII 660 Mhz

20 GB

196 mb of SD ram

Stealth something (damn, can any of you even remember what a stealth is? lol)

Win XP Professional (barely)

21' Moniter

Two 100 Watt Altec Lansing Systems

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Dell Dimension 8200


1.8 Ghz Pentium 4


80 GB Seagate

Nvidia Geforce 3 TI 200

Turtle Beach Santa Cruz


I just purchased GTA 3 a week ago. At first I wasn't able to run the game at all, but then I found out about the Windows XP patch. The game now runs ok at 1024 * 768 *  16 bit. Sometimes though the game slows down.

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Duron 900


FIC Mainboard AZ11EA

Pine Geforce3Ti200


(all new drivers)


getting between 35-60fps (peaks at 100+ in some places), no skecthin, no lag, 800x600x16 with Quincunx AA enabled.


I'd post a screenshot of me in the rain cruising along in a Cheeta at 47fps, but i cant be bothered.


I didnt install any of those framerate patches, the sound is running from my hard drive, and i installed that awesome german Radar patch.

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P3, 662 MHz

20 GB

256 SD RAM

32 MB Nvidia TNT 2 M64 w/ latest drivers

Windows 2000 Professional



I checked the fpm on mine and right at the beginning of the game when you start driving... it goes at about 4 fpm.. the highest it ever went was 10 fpm ....


When you change to the overhead view... the game runs smoother... but there is still a noticeable lag.

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