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Your Computer Specs, Whats best for GTA3?


Recommended Posts

I run,

AMD XP 1800 1.53ghz


ASUS V8200 Geforce3 Deluxe 64mb

40gb hd

PC2100 DDR 512k ram


all tucked inside a Frozen CPU Case

I don't think anything else is relevant,


I've never had as much as a hickup out of GTA3, no lag at all.  Had to update the graphics card driver before it would run but no other problems to speak of.

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Computer specs are in my signature.


I play the game at the resolution just above 1024x768 using 32 bit color.  All of the details are maxed out, but widescreen and trails are off.  I have not had any slowdowns with this game at any point.  It runs picture perfect and is a blast to play.  :):):)

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i've got a geforce 3 and can run at 1600x1200 32 bit with full draw distance.  it only gets slightly choppy when it rains, but otherwise runs just okee.


i think listening to nonpoint : [statement] and [development] while playing has something to do with it too :music: .  good mojo and all.   :D

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P4 Northwood 1.8 ghz Running at 2.7 (Overclocked)

512 mb of PC2100 ram

60gb maxtor udma133 hd

30gb seagate udma100 hd

80gb seagate udma100 hd

GeForce 3 Ti200 64 MB AGP

24x10x40x Sony CDRW Drive

56x CD-ROM

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Compaq 5102US with:

AMD Athlon 1.2 GHz


37 GB HD

VisionTek Xtasy GeForce4 MX 420 with 64 MB RAM and Detonator 29.42 drivers

Windows 2000 Pro


I have GTA running at 1024x768x16 with FrameSync on and Frame Limiter and Trails turned off and it runs pretty well.  It freezes up occaisionally but I've noticed that it freezes a lot more when I use the Ultimate Trainer +28.  Other than that there aren't any problems.


As for using the Myth no-cd crack, I would advise using a diferent one (like Bug Hunter's over at megagames.com).  When I was  using Myth's I couldn't load any saved games, but maybe there's a new one out.  I think Myth is a warez/cracking team, they do have a lot of cracks and I've also seen some warez with their name on em (including this game) but I've never seen any contact info for them.

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p4 1296mhz

128mb ram

32mb nvidia geforce 2

55.6gb hd

polk audio speakers

logitech usb ifeel mouse

microsoft usb internet keyboard pro

cdrw 8x

dvd 16x

windows xp


the game runs great with sheepy's v.3 in 800x600x32 i get about 40 fps prob. 30 in stauton island but i don't care it's the best game ever :D too bad no patch :/

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Pentium 4 1600MHz

Asus GeForce256 v6600 Deluxe 32MB

Asus P4B-M MainBoard


16x Sony CDRW


20GB 2.5" HardDisk

Windows XP


1st Island: Reasonable - avg 30FPS

2nd Island: OMG! - avg 8FPS especially at carpark :(

3rd Island: Slowww - avg 16FPS


(Though I have not disabled the replay function yet)



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Amd XP 1900+

128 DDr RAM ( I know i need more)

Geforce 2 Mx 400/400 64 ram

and a bad sound card

win 98 se


Runnin on 1024x768 16 bit


and no mods or tweaks wit all the way draw distance it works smooth.. Trust me

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jesus is my sunshine

Athlon 800

gf2mx400 64mb at default clock

256 pc133 ram

built-in ac97 audio :<


i use teh no cd2 crack from gamecopyworld.com, so my rom isn't a problem


Running at 800x600 16bit, vsync off, trails off, draw distance set to the middle.


No mods.


i've always had a framerate of around 40fps


not so bad...

game only crashes when i screw up on a car stat change.

also using geForece tweak utility. set at 'quality' settings, with the exception of having fsaa turned off.


i've played with the draw option a bit... and the lower i set it, teh better it runs.. just barely.


but i take screens before and after the change , but i never see any differnece!


the buildings, textures, and pics are all drawn at same distance.. arg.

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Here are my specs:


Celeron 851mhz

256mb RAM

Geforce 4 mx440

Windows XP Professional

SoundBlaster Live! 5.1


I play at 1024 x 768 x 16 with everything off but the draw distance up high. I get 30 fps pretty much all the time.

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Windows 98

Pentium III  498 mhz

GeForce4 64mb

Soundblaster PCI64

256 RAM


Recently upgraded video card and memory.  Game has run flawlessly sense then.  I have been amazed at the difference in gameplay.  Rockstar still sucks for not communicating though.

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i've got two I play GTA3 on,


Intel Pentium III 533

384 MB RAM

Nvidia Riva TNT2 Ultra

40 Gig HD

Xcard (divx decoder)

LG Star 17' monitor

Cable Broadband Modem

Creative Labs 5.1 Sound System



Intel Pentium 4 1.6 Ghz

512 MB Ram

Geforce3 256

40 Gig HD

LG Star 17' monitor

Cable Broadband Modem

DMX XFire 1024 5.1 Surround


You won't believe it but GTA 3 actually runs better on my 533!

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Hey, my spec is:




Nvidia Geforce 3

512 sdram

80 gig hd

win xp


And i run gta 3 at 1600x1200x32 and ALL the settings set to max and i get 30fps constant everywhere and when i turn off  vsync and frame limter it goes up to about 90fps BUT it becomes really jolty in areas so i leave the frame limter on to get a constant fps.

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my specs are on my sig, it used to run crappy, then i got some mods and it run good, then i re installed and before i put the mods back on i played it without em, and its run fine ever since, no mods, 800x600 32 bit :r*:

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my specs are on my sig, it used to run crappy, then i got some mods and it run good, then i re installed and before i put the mods back on i played it without em, and its run fine ever since, no mods, 800x600 32 bit :r*:

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My specs are :


P4 1.7 Ghz  :)

512 Mb SD Ram  ;)

64 Mb GeForce 2 MX 400


Win XP


and I get 25 - 30 fps all the time


:D    :alien:   :D

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Mine are

AMD Athlon 900mhz

256Mb SDRam  

GeForce 2 MX 400 64mb

40gb hd

and win98se


get like 15-25fps and the occasional drop to like 10.

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GTA3 worked ok on my old compputer, but how do you guys think it'll run on my new one that's coming next week?


Specs - P4 1.8 GHZ

          256 mb DDS RAM

          GeForce 64 Mb video card

          17' Samsung Flat Panel Moniter

          60 Gb HD

          Win XP home edition


Thanks alot for the help   :D

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I just got this new comp on June 20, 2002. FOR FREE :D


Here are the specs


DELL OptiPlex GX240

P4 1.6 GHZ

256 PC133 SDRAM

40 GB EIDE 7200 RPM

17' Gray DELL P793 (Sony Trinitron)

ATI Rage Ultra 128 16mb

48X CD-ROM Drive

Windows 98 Second Edition


I really like this new comp, because it is free :)

no internet on it yet  :*(


I dont know what video mode Im playing GTA 3 on.. I gotta check.





Pentium II 350 mhz

PC100 BX PRO Mainboard

192 megs PC 100 Memory

6.02 gigs 36X CD,

Fujitsu 1.44 Floppy

SiS 6326 8M 3D AGP Video

3D PRO Sound

GNT 5000A Subwoofer

Microsoft Intellimouse Optical

17" Monitor (.27dpi 1280X1024)

CD-RW: Aopen 12 x 10 x 32 w/JUSTLINK

Cannon BJC - 4400 Color Bubble Jet Printer

Microsoft Windows 98 SE

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homemade system-

amd athlon 950mhz

ecs k75sa mobo

geforrce3 ti500 (64meg)

128meg ddr

crappy onboard sis 7012 sound chip

win xp pro and win98se (dual boot)



doesn't work on xp due to some obscure error involving the lack of a hardware buffer in my sound chip.  on 98, it works just fine...  constant 40+ fps for the most part, drops down to @ 20 fps while driving thru downtown staunton extra fast (as in over 500mph using a modded car). goes up to 80+ fps in less "full" areas like the edges of ssv and portland.  audio stutters on occasion while listening to radio stations off the cd while lots of stuff is going on on-screen;  most likely a result of having no sound hardware buffer tho. (i mostly listen to the mp3 player anyway)


(moving this to troubleshooting&optimization board, and pinning it)



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P3 1gig

256mb sd ram


20gig hdd


i used to have 128mb ram and i just upgraded

gta3 is now playable but could look better :p



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golden saiyan

AMD Tbird 1.4 ghz

MSI geforce4 mx640 64mb ddr

256mb DDR RAM

60 gig HD 7200 rpm

SB Live! Value


my game runs at about 60-80 fps at 1024x768x16 resolution.  frame sync and frame limiter off.  widescreen off.  using miles 2d sound.  (sux since i have SB Live! and can't take advantage of EAX cause it slows down fps alot)  Draw distance = lowest possible.  (dont know if this affects fps).  geforce4 settings = using best performance for d3d.

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My specs, and of course i have built this computer myself (the only way to get a fast and working computer). :)


Intel Celeron Tualatin 1200

Asus Tusl2-c mobo


Hercules Radeon 8500 (original drivers)

Samsung 40 gig

Sound Blaster 128 pci

Windows XP Pro



Runs perfectly in 800x600x32 through the game. don't know about the fps but it runs really smoothly.

1024x768x32 runs fine, playable but gets a little slow in Staunton sometimes.

Draw distance maximum, no graphical or any other problems.


No mods or patches, maybe it would run even better with the 1.1 patch but it runs fine now so why bother.

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AMD TBIRD 1.4 @ 1.75 (was 1.8 but I backed it off a little as it was getting HOT),

512mb Crucial PC2700 ram,

Epox 8k7a+ motherboard,

Leadtek WinFast A250 Ultra TD Geforce4 Ti 4600.


ALL latest drivers for everything (even newest bios on GFX card and MB)


With Fraps running I get:


Trails off, frame sync off, NO AA, frame limit off.

1280x1024x32 BPP  - 60 typically, goes as high as 200ish when looking at a wall in a quiet area, and as low as 35-40 when REALLY busy. (still only on first island).


It occasionally pauses for a fraction of a second as its loading stuff. But it is TOTALLY PLAYABLE.


Thats in windows 98 SE


However. Same config, newest drivers etc in WIN2000 its totally unplayable! runs at about 5 - 10 FPS average!  (I do know how to install and config, so its not that... )



Sam C

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Athlon XP 1600 1.45 GHz


Geforce 2 MX400 64 MB


MS Explorer Mouse Optical USB

MS Sidewinder Joypad USB

Win XP Pro


With no tweaks, 800x600 16bit and trails off, game runs very smooth expect centre of 2nd Island.  Using 3D Analyze helps a lot (removes stutter, slow down etc) :)



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P III 600 mhz (full-cache)


ATI Rage Xpert 128 bits 16 mb

20 gig HD

Windows XP Professional Edition

DirectX 8.1




The game runs extremely slow! Only when i look to the ground i am able to walk normal... The framerate is very low and it is no fun to play this way :( I downloaded the XP patch to upgrade some DLLs but still it's very very slow.

i play 640*480*16 and everything is off... If anybody has any idea how i can improve the framerate i will be so happy!

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AMD 850 mghz

128 mbram

16-bit video card

im not sure what direct x version prolly the latest

windows 98


runs fine never freezes just a little choppy a majority of the time

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