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Your Computer Specs, Whats best for GTA3?


Recommended Posts

(i pinned this so we can all get an idea of what's good, and what's not. - illspirit)


Please list your computer specs, then say how it works with GTA3 PC.








526 Ram

20 GB HD

Nvidia Geforce 256

Sony Trinitron Monitor

Cable Broadband Modem

Dell Dimension XPS T750r



It works okay with my GTA3, just a bit laggy sometimes, like in Staunton Island the most....



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996 Mhz

20GB harddisk Maxtor

TNT2 video 32mb

LG Flatron 776FM monitor

128 RAM

Windows XP Pro

56.6 ESS dial-up modem


I Rarley get smooth graphics on gta 3 insome places it's unplayable like Chinatown, the hideout in the last island, the tunnel, the bridge...IN EVERY FUQIN LOCATION except when i look down :pp  anyways that was before i tried CPUKiller, now i get a smoother gamplay, but its still slow but not unplayable. everything is off in the option menu except subtitels, DRAW DISTENCE Is MAX because its doesnt apear to affect gameplay! its for setting how much should the game remember where u placed your car!!

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P 4

2.0 ghz

40 gb 7200 rpm hd

512 DDR ram

geforce 2 mx/mx 400 64mb (yes i know bottleneck)

Windows 98   (running very bad, time to format and install XP)

21" monitor


and beleve it or not, GTA 3 runs ok... in second island its very chopy, but the rest of the islands are ok. somtimes it will my fps will drop from 30 to 20 but nothing to major all the time.


gta 3 is running on 640-480 32 res



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Here's my sys spec:


PIII 800mhz


1: 15GB HDD

2: 17GB HDD

Win ME

Asus Geforce 2 GTS

Soundblaster 128 PCI


Plays GTA3 perfectly all the time apart from every now and then the text turns into rectangular blocks and causes the framerate to drop to about 0.2fps This mostly happens if I have the res over 640*480, not happened yet at the low resolution.

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you cant stop ole wize cock

celeron 900 mhz

win xp

128 mb ram

20 gb hd

intel integrated 4 mb trash can


i get bout 15-35 fps usually but i need to switch my card to the agp slot :nervous: which i have no idea what my vid card looks like and where it is so could someone plz tell me

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You video card is the one with your monitor plugged into it, if it's not already in the AGP port, the shorter brown slot closest to the processor on most mobos I've seen, then it's probably a PCI card and you wont be able to simply pull it out and plug it into the AGP.


Heh, just reread your post, I take it you've got an onboard graphics card in use? If you also have an AGP card installed, plug the monitor cable into that and turn on your PC if it's not already on. if you get no picture, plug the monitor back where it was before, boot up the PC, press DEL or F1 or whatever button it says to press to get into setup/cmos/bios screen, (careful what you do in there cos you can do damage) then look for something along the lines of 'onboard video' or something and set it to disable. that should force the system board to use the addon graphics card, ie your AGP card. Save the change you made, but only if you didn't accidentally change anything else, then reboot the PC. Plug your monitor cable into the AGP video card n it should work :O)



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Pentium 4 1.6ghz

20GB 7200rpm Maxtor HDD

also have a 40gb WD 7200rpm HDD

384MB DDR PC2100 RAM

ATI Radeon 7000 32mb

Windows XP Home



Works GTA3 at 25-40fps for the first 15 minutes but then it slows down to maybe 13-25 when i look up and walk.  some places in staunton and portland lag a little bit more then others.  i use the no-cd patch (I BOUGHT IT!!;) and the 3danalyze force SW TnL thing too.  as you can see im well above recommended settings and i still get moderate results.  i want a patch!



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Immortal LuD

MSI 845 Ultra AR Mainboard

Pentium 4 1.6GHz Northwood @ 2.2GHz

1GB of Corsair PC2100 DDRSDRAM

ATi Radeon 8500


Directx 9.0


I have no complains here... At higher resolutions, (with all possible settings maxed, with 32-bit color ), I only get a slow down when facing all of the TALL buildings in Staunton Island... And I know it's my video card, so I'm not complaining.


Only problem: headlight glare.


Seems that it's the only thing bothering me too. GTA3 WAS a purty game!  :happy:

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Athlon 'C' 1200

640mb PC2100 CL2.0 Bank-Intereave 4

30gig 7200rpm Maxtor

Aureal Vortex 2 superquad

MSI Geforce 4 TI4200 128mb

MSI K7T266 pro

Win XP Pro


After 1 little trick I am now at 1280x1024x32 all on except widescreen at a steady 30 never lower

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P4 1.5ghz

384mb ram

60gb 5400rpm HD

cdroms.. yadayada

geforce4 ti4600


runs perfect, even in the highest resolutions... aside from the texture bugs, but that's the games doing.   :rol:



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AMD Athlon 1.2 ghz

256 MB Ram

80 GB HD

ATI Radeon VE 64 mb

Win XP Pro


Using 3d analyzer I get 30-40 fps on 640x480 32 bit and on 600x800 32 bit I get 15-30 and lower.  My framerate drops in the multi story builiding in staunton.  In there I get about 9 fps on 600x800.  The game is unplayable with 1024x768 res.  I get about 10 fps and lower.


I still think this game is optimized for the PS2.  Rockstar didn't change much seeing as the all the PS2 info is still in the files.  Even the directories are the same.


This is off topic, but on the mission where you have to wipe out kenji, you just need to run him over.  Its really strange for me though, I run him over and he just gets back up.  Its like he can't be killed without blowing off an arm or leg.  I even drove up to him and put 5 uzi clips in him before the yakuza blew up my cartel cruiser.  I don't know if I can kill him.  It may be cause I edited the pedstats file, but there are no stats for kenji in there.  I guess I'll have to go and change it back to see if thats the problem.  Anyone else run into this?



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Amd t-bird 950

Geforce2 Ti

194mb ram (sdram) :(

40 gig western digital 7200

Im getting a sound blaster xgamer soon

I run a constant 30 fps. Every now and then like when im doing about 120 in a cadilac or something itll jerk then go smooth again. It must be the replay function recording and rerecording.


Btw www.madonion.com 3d mark 2001 i bench marked 3500 or so. I belive any score below 800 wont run the game. I scored 500 with a tnt2 m64  and it ran the game pretty bad so im sure a few extra points up like the geforce 256 will be the bare amount needed. i need more ram .

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My Specs


P4 1.7ghz


48x CD

64mb Geeforce3

and Windows 2000


and the game works fine always full speed mind you i do have the resolution down to about 720 or what ever it is.

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happened to me a few times, just aim the cruiser towards the far left side and when you get close, make a sharp right turn towards kenji then head for the jump in the far right corner of the parking lot.. never let your foot off the gas while you do it.

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AMD K7 Athlon

7200rpm 17.2gig Seagate HD

64meg GForce 2 MX400

Windows Me

196meg SD Ram


In 1024x768 it is basically ok, if slightly choppy when first getting into Staunton Island.  I play it in 800x600 and have no complaints.


My brother is trying to play it on his AMD K6-2 500Mhz and it sucks big time. Looks like it would on a 486, amazing slo-mo.

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:/  man, i feel jealous since you all have such good computers... lol  :sui:

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AMD Athlon 1800+ XP  [best chip money can buy]

~Anodised Blue Heatsink and gamers oversized FAN~

512Mb RAM

40GB Maxtor HDD

GeForce 2 MX 400 ~ 64Mb w/ Detonator 22.11 For best perf.

Win98 - uses less resources than WinXP so better gameplay!!

Designer Chrome Finished Case w/ Allen Key chrome grub screws

15" Belinea Digital Monitor

Genius 2bbtn + wheel net mouse pro

Saitek P120 game pad

Quickshot 2bbtn J/Stick

16x DVD + CDRW (LG & Samsung)

30 bttn Keyboard

aiwa 60watt sub woofer unit w/ dts+dolby surround sound with bbe and super t-bass running aux line-out from the sound card, making sure im in da game :p hehe



GTA3 runs gr8 except when first started for about 3 mins. cos norton av is scanning the main file for viruses and does my head in!! which makes it choppy. Other than that it runs sweet! Though when changing islands during play it gets choppy for about a min but then is fine again.


Res. @ 640x480 for best performance... can be put up to 800 and hardly any difference in frame rate..all thanks to the amazing performance of my geforce 400 64mb and my athlon xp 1800+ :p

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Chaintech mobo with Intel 440BX chipset


GeForce 2 Ti 64MB

Sound Blaster Live! Platinum 5.1

20gig 5400rpm Maxtor HD


GTA3 runs fairly smoothly at 800×600×16. Only Staunton is ever so slightly noticeably slower, but it's nothing that ever cuases a problem. The only real FPS slowdowns I get are either when it's raining (cue slideshow...), or when you shoot a few too many cars in the street and the wrecks start piling up.  :colgate:


Apart from that, GTA3 runs much better than I expected on my crappy machine.

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Athlon Thunderbird 900Mhz

Asus A7 Motherboard (Everything running off RAID)

256Mb Sdram

Geforce 2 32Mb MX Dual Monitor

19 Inch Belina monitor

Creative Soundblaster Live 5.1

Direct X 8.1

Lastest Nvida Drivers

Windows ME

Playing at 800x640 at 16 bit.

Draw distance makes all of 4 fps difference so i dont care.


I get a steady 44 fps during the game, once i have run around the place, i can get 50 fps.


When first loading (aka the 1st minute into the game) it goes to 20 fps and jumpy, but since i have to run to get a car (i got 3 stuck in the garage and i can't get them out) it does not worry. Also i bomb around the city first so it loads it all up and to get my mind in gear :D


Lags only when the computer trys to connect to the internet to update itself

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Dell Dimension 4400

P4 2.0Ghz

1Gb DDR Ram

80Gb Hard Disk


64Mb Nvidia GeForce3 Ti200

Dell 1702FP Flat Panel Monitor

Creative SB Live! Value Sound Card


I'm running GTA3 in 1024*768 32bit colour mode, and have absolutely no problems.  I don't generally have trouble in 1280*1024 either (the highest available to me), but things get a bit 'sticky' on Staunton Island.

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I used the CPUKill idea from Moe, GTAGamer, and I used the Sheepyuk patch, and combined, they made the game playable enough now, on the highest resolution.  I still go on 800x600 though, since it's much smoother.  I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO THOUGH!!!  CHECK OUT MY SPECS!!! WHY WHY WHY?!?!?!?!?

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The Evil One

P4 2.2 Ghz

512 Mb DDR RAM

80 Gb Hard Disk

16x DVD

24x 10x 40x CD-RW

GeForce 4 ti

Windows XP

BroadBand Internet

19in Monitor


Currently playing GTA 3 at 1024x768

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(Alpha heatsink, 120mm YS-Tech CPU Fan)

AOpen GEFORCE3 Ti200 128MB Graphics Card

Crucial 256MB DDR-RAM

Seagate Barracuda IV 40Gb HDD

19" CRT Sony monitor

Asus 16x DVD Drive E616

Logitech Mouseman Optical Wheel mouse

MS Sidewinder gamepad Pro

Win 98

CoolerCase Tornado with 6 80mm YS-Tech fans


Runs like a charm at 1024x768 32 bit colour, only gets a bit choppy if it starts to piss it down but apart from that no probs to report



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AMD Athlon 936Mhz

380Mb PC133 Ram

Geforce3 Ti200 (overclocked to the speed of a Ti500) 64Mb

20GB Maxtor 7200rpm

8GB Seagate

Onboard Sound

17" Monitor

6x DVD Samsung ; 40/12/40A Plextor

MS Wireless Optical Mouse

Win Xp


(outside air cooling)


1024*768*32 ; trails on, no slowness apart from when it's bucketing down and then it's not all that noticeable.

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2ghz intel p4

512 sdram

geforce3 ti200 64m

soundblaster live 5.1

win xp

hp 19"


runs smooth at 30 fps (framelimiter on) all the time. 1280x1024x32.

draw distance at max



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AMD XP 2100+

512MB DDR MajrBranded

82.2GB 7200RPM

ASUS A7V 333

VIA KT333 cipset

Windows XP

GeForce 2 MX


And virtually UN-PLAYABLE...


I have got a Wireless Intelmouse Explorer so i might try swaping it briefly.. cuz it is said to cause slowdowns...



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AMD Thunder Bird


1: 30 gb IBM 7200 rpm hd

2: 46 gb Maxtor 7200 rpm hd

512 DDR ram

geforce 3 TI200

Windows 2000 pro

21" monitor

Runs great at 1280x1024x32.


I was getting a little lag until I put a 50x CD-ROM in my case (I was using a DVD CD-ROM). Now it runs awesome. Keep sending more cops!!!!!  :devil:



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Try using Myths no-cd crack from Gamecopyworld and you'll get faster gameplay all around.  By the way, does anyone know who Myth is?  I've seen his name on a few no-cd cracks in other games.  Or is it a company or something?  Its always on the system information program that seems to come with these cracks.

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P4 1.8G

384M PC800 RDram

GF4 Ti 4400

SB Live! Value


game plays well at 1024*768*32 all details maxed.

only problem: rain=lower fps

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