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rank un-reseted lol? ps3


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instead of getting my rank getting reseted it actually went back up...im at 4 now and yesteraday it was at 2

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i noticed this as well.




i've made at least 70k or so in the passed few days but i only recieved like 15k.



so instead of going from 11k to like 80k it was 11k to 25k... still rather upset.

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yeah i noticed that a bit. Everyday my rank had been reseting itself to 0 untill yesterday when i started on 2, but it's still far lower that it should be

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i had like $20000 but now i got $59000 lololololol thats like what lvl 4? i havent been on cuz my ps3 broke im getting a coffin to send it to sony should be a funeral for it rampage_ani.gif

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100.000 should be rank 4. 50.000 is rank 3.

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mine went from 4 to 3 then back to 4 a few days ago. today its 5 and ive gained like 100k. wtf? i now have 200k to level 6.

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I find that every day it is a different amount.


Saturday I had virtually nothing.

I played until I had $50000+ and had rank upped.

Took an hour or two off and switched the pus off towatch tv

back on and only 47000, which isnt bad but

last night I went from $47000 to $70k+

and am now on $17104, just played a game as someone in another thread claimed it was now working so I conducted a quick experiment.

Earned 671$ and switched off the game and shut down the ps3

and am stil at $17104

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