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Problems with connecting verticies in Zmodeler


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Hey, I am new to using Zmodeler as I previously used 3d studio max. I haven't used 3d studio max in probably 5 years so im very rusty. Anyway I am following the Zmodeler tutorial from their site which is out of date so some of the instructions dont quite work.


The problem I am having is sometimes I will remove a face which removes a edge between two verticies that I didnt want removed. I try to use the 'Connect' option but it I get a message at the bottom saying that it doesnt work between edges even though im clicking on verticies. How do you connect verticies that dont have a edge between them? Once I figure this out I am pretty much all set to finish the rest.


Also, how do you connect verticies that are on two separate objects? One object selected will show the red verticies but I can't select the second object that I need to connect to.


I dont remember having this much trouble with 3d studio max.


Thanks for any help.

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I figured it out... I eventually stumbled across the keyboard shortcuts in the tutorial. I still haven’t figured out how to connect two separate objects but Ill find it eventually I guess. Zmodeler needs to update his tutorials for the current version of software as several commands and name changes have occurred which makes it confusing. Running spell checker would help too.

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