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FBI/CIA/National Guard...


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Im sure that loyal GTA fans remember that in the previous GTA there were FBI/CIA & National guard in the game at a certain wanted level. Why have they been left out in GTA4, was just wondering ?

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The Police/Choppers/Swat/FIB(FBI)/NOOSE all come, I'm not sure but I think NOOSE is the home security squads sort of like the army but without the tanks and camouflage.

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National Office of Security Enforcement. They basically replace the Army, otherwise everything else is in the game still.


Does anyone know what NOOSE is the equivilent of? NSA? DHS?

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i am thinking swat.

No. SWAT is on a city-wide level. N.O.O.S.E is on the country level. I always figured it might be homeland security.

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