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WOW! I love how in depth this game is!


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I was in a 5 star police chase, and nearly outrun the cops


I was near the docks, and accidently skidded into the sea


I quickly went up the ladder back onto land and realised the cops were closing in on me


So i ran and hid behind a dumpster


To my amazement, the cops just drove right past and carried along the road!


happy.gif never seen them do anything like that before! It was so funny watching 4 Police cars drive right past me, sirens sreaming!


the Ai has been vastly imrpoved since SA i guess.


I love this game...

Four warnings, two temp bans, a sh*tty attitude, and one permaban!


Bagged 'n' tagged.

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yeah its awesome. as long as they dont see you going into hiding, or in your hiding spot, then they will just go right past you.

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