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I wanted to know, is there a limit for Tom's credit or not. Some of screenshots saved with $9,99,999,999 CREDIT. Is that the limit? Or there's no limit?

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I believe that is the limit though there probably is a mod to allow you more. Don’t quote me on that though as there are so many available it’s hard to keep track on them.

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limit is $999,999,999


The numerical limit for the game is a limit in the programming due to the PS2 being a 32 bit processor-- so the max number is 2^31 (they used 2^0)-- therefor the maximum number possible is.... $2,147,483,648


I doubt you could mod the max number but if you could-- you couldn't go above the above number--- without mumerical values becoming negative-- I have utilized the cone crazy "trick" to go above the last number and it simply cut off the excess and made it negative making my money drop...


Lemme see if I can find the old thread on this... I did take screenies




Here ya go... http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=126956

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So, if not modded, if u reach this numbers, even if u earn money, they don't add those which u earned last? I guess.

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