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...in the middle of a decent police chase i decided i was

going to try and steal the SWAT van/vehicle....i hadnt

attempted this yet for some reason....anyway...

i had no body armor...bad idea....i managed to get

inside but as soon as i did 3 of them just shredded me

from every direction...it was pretty impressive...



this game is awesome ! icon14.gif

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Yeah, i've gotten very close to stealing the unmarked FIB charger a few times.


Problem is that, unlike other GTA games, the cops DON'T stop shooting while you jack someone.


And as soon as you're in the car, and you attempt to move, you get cut up by a wave of bullets.

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The Swat can be really brutal in this game.

Now I wanna try to get Swat van/vehicle and see if l it gives you armor, like the ambulance gives you life (50%life)

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its so easy!! i do it all the time, then when the one im in gets banged up by all the firepower, i just wait till i find another one thats pursuing me alone, i stop, wait bout a minute for them to get out, but make sure the squad cars dont get close cuz they'l come and arrest you. Swat is out to kill you mostly not to arrest you. smile.gif so just kill them (drive most likely otherwise you'll get shreaded) and then park accordingly so u can make the quick change into the NOOSE/SWAT van. smile.gif

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