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Disc not being able to read....


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Ok I take good care of all of my discs and my GTA IV disc has a little scratch and when brucie calls me it says the disc cannot be read and when i go into a gun store it does the same. I haven't found out if it does it anywhere else but does anyone know what i should do? sad.gif

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Crimson Crows

I have the same problem, a scratch on the disc which I think was caused by my 360 >=[

When ever Brucie calls or I attempt a mission of Dwayne's it goes tit's up.

The xbox purrs... then dies...

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Probably your disc drive is dying. GTA 4 froze once on my 360 but for the most part, it runs nicely.

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same thing here crimson cept its happened twice now when i try to enter the alderney gunshop.

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