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Where's the best place to start a fight?


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last night I was in Alderney (southish) and I witnessed THE most spectacular gun fight I've seen outside a mission. Now I can't find the area in which this happened.


Does anyone know where this might be, know of any pother good fight locations.


Btw I mean when the peds fight eachother and then the cops.

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dunno.... but yesterday I stabbed one of the girls outside the burgershot on the eastside of Broker and got jumped by all her co-workers, and about 5 fat hells angels with knifes... they were no match for my baseball bat. Later I tried again and something similar happened.


The piers near the bowling alley make for nice shootouts... lots of pedestrians, hard to acces with cars and a lot of fat cops..

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Anywhere in Bohan or Alderney generally. Both boroughs are rough as f*ck so your bound to get scrap anywhere. Try near the Heath Centres cause if things get ugly then just go inside and get a health pack (the one Alderney of course). Amazing gun fight with the cops there.... explosions and all sorts

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