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possible problems after the ending *SPOILERS*


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So I did the ending where Roman Dies , and after the credits roll, I get calls from various people. One that I'm confused about is When Kate calls and says if there's anything you need from her, call her, and Niko says that he needs some time Is this to be taken literally? Because I've managed to do all the assassin missions, hang out with jacob, brucie, and packie, and call Kate every time in between and all I get is her busy signal. Will she ever answer her phone again? Am I bugged or is this supposed to happen?


This next paragraph is a spoiler







Also, is this a bug, or do your friends never once mention what happened with either Kate or Roman after those first few calls? I hung out with packie right after the Kate ending and he was chatting up a storm about his brother, no mention of Kate. Did R* not put dialogue in the characters to react differently to the ending? Is anyone else getting that? If it's on purpose then that sucks but I'll move on, I'm just curious. Thanks for the help! Also, if this has been posted before i apologize, I'm new to the site. this is my first post!

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if u look at all the other threads about this problem, i found the problem, its a scripting error, like when kate dies, she still calls, but when kate is alive she doesnt call nor pick up, rockstar put the scripts backwards, i want them to make a patch for it




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Is there any word on a patch? or do R* check for feedback on any of these social forums? they don't have one of their own.


Also, is it a bug that all my friends, whenever we hang out, talk to me as if nothing happened? Brucie still insults me even tho Roman went bye bye

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