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im at about 60% of the way threw and im attempting to try and deliver Jacobs packages now, to boost my friend like with jacob and they give me the crappiest car in the game and tell me to across the map in like 5 seconds. ive tried it like 4 times i got in their once but the meet was under a bridge in a ally with one way in wich is swampped with propane tanks wich if you touch blow the crap out of you.

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Just watch the clock before you start the mission. For example, I think you have to complete the mission in either 30 or 45 minutes game time. Say thats its only 30 minutes. If you start the mission at say, 12:05, it will only give you until 12:30 to complete it because I'm assuming the game rounds to the closest number. But if you start the mission at say 12:22 you'll have until like 1:00 to complete, so you get some extra time.


Just get out of your car and run when you get to the tunnel. I didn't see those stupid gas cans or whatever they are when I was doing the mission. It took me a couple of tries to just realize where I had to go to begin with. But I made it will plenty of time doing it the way I just said.


And I'm pretty sure that after the one you are doing now the rest don't have you driving like crazy to get to a location thats hard to find. I remember the last couple being pretty easy.

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Yeah, although it never mentions it explicitly, you can just get out of the car they give you once you have the package and go on foot once you get to the tunnel, or even just bring your own car/bike.

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people these days, complaining about easy missioons pff notify.gif

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