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Is it just me..


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...or does the motorcycle handling in this game just suck complete balls? I mean, it's fine when you're going in a straight line, but when you start trying to get through traffic while chasing somebody, it becomes a nightmare. The bike just starts swinging its ass around, and eventually you'll hit some kind of car, then you'll lose the guy you're chasing and the mission is over.


Doing a mission now catching a guy on a bike, and I've never gotten so frustrated at a GTA mission before in my life. I'm in the subway, trying to chase the guy, and every once and a while when I touch the railing, because the bike is trying to 'go up' on it, I'll go out of control and hit the wall... Tried driving up some stairs, bike flipped over and squished me. Barely nipped a car on the side while going through traffic, and the bike spun out of control hitting other cars, flicking me off, failing the mission.


Failed this stupid mission about 5 times now, maybe this is just a rant, but overall, I'm really hating the motorcycle handling in this game.


So, is it just me, or do others find the motorcycles a bit too touchy sometimes? whatsthat.gif


EDIT: Oh yeah, anybody got any tips for having better control over the bike? Does the SIXAXIS help any?

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i had alot of trouble on previous GTA's with the bike chase missions, and now i think much of it was due to playing on a PC using mouse and arrow keys. this is my first GTA on a console, and i found them a bit easier to manage with a gamepad.


i'm sure you'll get better advice than mine, as i'm still a car-man due to previous experience..


but remember it's a bike, not a car. you can't make the same turns at the same speeds with it and braking doesn't effect it the same. that will take some practice to know the differences in limits.


as far as riding up the side of walls/curbs/rails and flipping on stairs -- you are leaning back too much, pulling the front wheel up off the ground. you will find the ride a bit more stable by pushing forward on the joystick, leaning into the handlebars, especially at high speeds, and you won't 'creep' up curbs, etc.

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IMO bike handling is a lot more realistic, and therefore harder in 4 than in VC and San An. You CAN'T just turn a 90 left and be ok. Once you get the hang of them, they're great though.

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