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who sings


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I have the special edition of gta 4 cd but its in my car. im just wondering who sings that song and the name of it. it goes like this. "I came a long way to see you now I wish you were dead" it was also in the commercial where at the end it says "im in Liberty City and im out of control"

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Ryder 556

The song is "Vagabond" By the Greenskeepers. It's on radio broker.

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I SING...but not that song. I wanna know how come I only hear Heaven and Hell when I go bowling but not channel surfing in my car?? I always get the oddball LCR songs in the car. I think there's more then one complaint about the stations coming on at odd points when you enter a car, but I don't pay that close attention!


Use ZIT! haha

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