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Curious about MP.


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Hey there.

as i am optimistically crosing fingers and hoping for a PC version i am curious about some things regarding GTA IV's online. after watching quit a lot of online footage (youtube mostly) i have questions to ask and i hope u will be kind enough to answer and give your opinions.


1) does the cover system work well in GTA IV? how do u think it is programmed? in GOW or R6:VEGAS there are nodes that are placed next to every corver amd every object to pressing the "cover" button next to a cover node will attach the player to it. However it seems like it is impossible to place cover nodes all over the huge liberty city so i dont think cover nodes are manually placed on the map. maybe its a diffrent mechanic that work behind the scenes there. any guesses?

also, does the AI really uses cover extensively? or do they usually just stand there and shoot?

does the AI use grenades?


2) how come no one is using the cover system online? i saw at least 60 minutes of online play on youtube and everyone are just running (walking, actually) around and shooting others praying that they will get to be the first to kill. how come no one is taking cover and using the cover system? is it just impatience on their behalf or is there some disadvantage to the cover system that makes it ineffective?


3) how does the cover system work? is it like in GOW\kane&lynch where u take cover and use the "zoom" button to peak or is it that when u are behind cover than the "fire" button is the one that causes u to peak and shoot? if its the latter than does that mean that u cant peak around corner WITHOUT shooting? also how do u blind fire?


4) is there an advantage for the SMGs over the Assault rifles? from the videos it looks like the ARs are just like SMGs in the forms of accuracy but they are more powerful which makes the SMGs useless compared to ARs. is it really the case? are the weapons balanced or ARs are the best choice of weapon?

also, does a single headshot really is enaugh to make a kill or does it take more than one headshot to kill?


5) Is shooting from a car really is a deathtrap as it seems from the videos? it looks like when ppl are shooting from inside a vehicle they rarely stand a chance against the ppl shooting from on-foot as they usually win the dual. as a matter of fact i think it SHOULD be this way, that shooting from inside a car is harder and less effective. what is the case in the game?


6) what is the deal with auto aim in MP? doesnt it completely defeat the point of using skill to aim? does most servers have it disabled? cuz from the videos it seems like half the games i see have auto-aim ON and i dont get why would it even be an option on MP where skill should determine if u hit or not.


7) the weapons that i witnessed in MP are these: pistol (looks like a glock), micro uzi, mp5 (without the stock or butt or however its called), 2 different shotties, AK47, M4, RPG, Sniper rifle, frag grenade and molotov. is that all? shouldnt there be another SMG and a Desert eagle? where these weapons got cut off cus i read somewhere that they should be in but i cant see them in any gameplay video, SP or MP.


8) Is there an option to toggle the name tags and the color dots off from above players heads AND from the map in the corner? if so, isnt it more interesting to play with enemy name tags off so ppl can "blend" with the pedestrians by keeping a low profile and not running around with their guns drawn?


which leads me to 9 -


9) is there any stealth in GTA IV MP or SP? in MP it seems like u can never sneak behind someone or hide or blend cuz your color tag is always visible on the map. is it true?


Does stealth play a roll in SP at all? are there any for of silence weapons? is it possible to sneak behind enemies or do stealth kills? cuz it doesnt look like it...


10) is there some kind of spectator mode in GTAIV? what happens if someone just want to watch others play or needs to leave the game for a minute but doesnt want to leave the server? can he switch and become a spectator?


11) is there a way in the server options to limit the amount of respawns for the players so everyone has no respawns or very few?


12) where is the best place to see some more GTA IV gameplay videos? i know about youtuve having quite a lot, gamespot and ign as well but i would believe that somewhere on the web there are some high quality gameplay videos that just show some ordinary gameplay. not official gamesites videos but user videos. any ideas?


thanks for the time reading all this. forgive my english and i hope u will help me understand a bit more about how GTA IV plays out IRL. smile.gif



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1)It works very well. It is in generic form, you can cover behind almost anything. The AI does use cover quite a bit, especially when playing missions, but i like using it online.


2)More people are coming around to it. Remember the game has only just come out. I've seen lots more people start to use cover, especially in games without autoaim.


3)Its quite simple, you just hit R1 (ps3) to take cover, then aim as normal. When you fire, you "pop-out" from cover, then when you stop shooting, you pop back in again. You can also just blind fire.


4)The assault rifles are hugely more accurate at long distances. The SMG is effective at close/medium range, but you must always aim for the head or it will take 2 clips to bring someone down.

A headshot with the sniper rifle is a one-shot kill, and with the assault rifle its 2 or 3.


5)When autoaim is on, yes cars are almost pointless and you will die immediately. With autoaim off, they are an effective attack vehicle.


6)I wont ever play an auto-aim DM or TDM, because its much more fun without. For things like Cops+Crooks, its works quite well in most games. I just host my own non-autoaim games, and it doesnt take a minute to get a decently filled game.


7)Yep, pretty much. Buts its enough i think.


8)When you crouch your nametag dissapears, but you retain a dot above your head. You can turn blips off or set parameters when you host a game.


9)If blips are off, this can be done.


10)Nope, you cannot choose to spectate a game.


11)If you host you can choose spawn times, and the distances to which people spawn from each other.


12)Youtube, Dailymotion. Search "GTAIV gameplay".

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thanks for the answers, xihilisk. a helpful bunch.


1) i think i saw niko take cover behind a chair once. weird. so, does it happen often that you try and take cover behind something and u find out that u can't take cover behind it since there is no cover-node next to the object? or that the cover area of that object doesn't fully cover the object or protrude outside of that object and when u take cover at it's edge u stick out of the cover itself?

this happens in rainbow six vegas (1 and 2) occasionally.


2) ok. i wonder how 2 players using cover actually look when they fight eachother. its differently balanced than GOW or Vegas cuz u can aim perfectly fine when u are behind cover and there is no need to peak out of cover until there is something to shoot at. so basically i can imagine 2 player hiding and aiming at where the enemies head would pop but none of the is actually peaking out to shoot since there is no need to peak out until the target is visible and why would one of the two be visible unless the other one is visible first. i can imagine 2 players hiding and never peaking out. a waiting game. do i make sense?

isnt this cover system unbalanced for multiplayer?


4) so are SMGs actually affective against ARs?


7) so no Deagle? no LMG? sad.gif


8) if the name dissapears but the dot is still visible than what is the point? u can still be visible behind a bush and u r still visible amongst the pedestrians or from far away...


10) u cant spectate? sad.gif so no chance at seeing a GTAIV tournament on gamespot, huh? smile.gif


11) sweet.



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1) Don't know


2) Seems a lot of people don't bother using cover online. It's only effective in certain situations and the shooting mechanic is buggy when behind cover. It also slows you down a lot.


3) Like I said, it's buggy. It looks like LT (aim) pokes your head out to get a bead on enemies, but you only swing out by pressing RT (fire). If you don't continue to hold fire (and continue firing) you will snap back into cover.


4) I think SMGs are more accurate, with a higher rate of fire, but ARs are more powerful and have slightly better range. There is a hard-cap on all weapon ranges, which I really don't like. Assault rifles are definately the most dominant weapons besides maybe rocket launchers. For some reason players are only allowed to use pistols or SMGs when riding in vehicles, even if they're not driving, so that increases the value of those weapons slightly.


5) Shooting from a car is difficult to pull off, especially since there is never auto-aim from a vehicle (more on that below)


6) You are right to be skeptical. Auto-aim completely ruins any competitive aspect to multiplayer. With auto-aim enabled you can lock-on to enemies without so much as a line of sight, and you will destroy anyone who dares approach you in a vehicle. I can't come up with a single logical reason why Rockstar thought it made sense online. But like most developers who make POOR choices, they will likely stand-by this terrible decision to their grave, and we will never see a patch to get rid of it (even in ranked). This is easily the #1 greatest flaw of GTA IV


7) You are correct on all weapons except that there IS a Deagle online. Admittedly, the weapon selection is pretty paltry, but there's enough variety that it doesn't hurt the gameplay too much.


8) If auto-aim is this game's greatest flaw, then "BLIPS" takes a very close second. For some reason I'll never understand, Rockstar decided we should be able to see exactly where everybody is on the map at all times. This puts a serious damper on developing strategies to kill your opponent. Trying to ambush an enemy is downright impossible. When you are being hunted down with little health remaining, you have only a slim chance of hiding or escaping. You can crouch or take cover to hide the indicator above your head, but with blips set on this doesn't help much. This is another example of a poor design choice, but playing with blips set to FAR is perfect.


9) **See Above** There is no stealth involved with blips on, your only hope is that the host sets them to FAR.


10) No.


11) Cops n crooks is your only choice; there are two variations, one of which offers no respawns.




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