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GTA IV Secrets and Easter Eggs


Recommended Posts

Good Job, but Cluckin' Bell is a pardoy of both the KFC and Taco Bell of North America, because the two companies have merged together, and most of their restaurants in major cities have both companies opened in the same building.

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Behind the bowling ally in Firefly island is a miniture golf course, where smaller virsons of objects can be found from prevous GTA games, including Ocean View hotel from VC, from SA is a windturbine thing from the country, gaint chicken that was in the desert and the giant spikey things lol, that were in Los Santos. Don't know if this has been found or of any interest just thought id mention it in case tounge.gif

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has anyone found the pidgeons yet as u have to shoot 200 of them to unlock something dont know what that is yet but still pretty cool

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Dwayne Phoenix


at the bottom of the stairs in the safehouse at hove beach on the right wall. there is graffiti and u can see the name CLAUDE and also something that mentions TOMMY.

user posted image


Sorry about the bad image quality, I have the so called "5 Megapixel" Samsung G600.. sneaky2.gif


Anyway, I think it says "Remember Tommy you are my hero".. Not sure, my memory is bad.

Definately "Remember Tommy .......... my hero" anyway.


Further up on the wall it says "Victor" with a love heart in place of the o.

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taking rockstars "69" obsession shouldnt the 72 thing be 69

im pretty sure the diner name has 69 in it

you know the one in the beggining

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i found some banksy spray paint i will upload pictures in a minute, well it looks like banksy


if you dont know banksy


he does stuff like this


user posted image





user posted image

Edited by domthecondom
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"1. Hidden Artwork

In Trailer 2, you can see two artworks from previous GTA's, There's El Burro from GTA3 Here and the motorbike from Vice City Here."


open your eyes and ...

Look this :

user posted image

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@Johny: I might but i will have to sort out what the in-game sites from the out-game sites which will take a little while.

i will work on it.

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i was looking at the graffiti where CLAUDES name appears and there was also the name CARL and TOMMY

and TONI witch i think is one of main guys GTA LCS. and i also saw that around the names

there are things like "R.I.P" and "WE MISS" YOU or "WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU".

maybe all the main protaganists are dead and gone.

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Can't post a pic cause it's an audio thing, but *SPOILERS* when brucie sends you the email about pimping your phone, if you go on the

site, one of the MP3s you can choose from is called "Drive". This was a song made up (I believe) just for Head Radio in GTA Liberty City Stories.

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if you go into the door at the bottom of the statue of happiness you get a jumper with a picture and it says "all i got" a nod to 100% t shirts in vice city

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In my Stats it says:




Miles Traveled ----------------- Liberty City to Carcer City



Anybody else see this also?

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You can unlock claude's outfit (Black jersey/coat and green cargo pants)

I have finished the main storyline and when i visited Playboy x's crib (I own for those of you who arent that far through) and changed my clothes and whilst flicking through the "outfits" I came across claude's biggrin.gif

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At the bottom of your apartment in Liberty City, as you go down the stairs you will spot graffiti on the walls, if you look close enough you will see the name Claude. If you don't know who Claude is he was the main playable character in GTA3, he was also know as Fido. Thanks to Dwayne Pheonix for the photo.

Also that same wall has Tommy, and Victors name writtin on it.

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The wall has all of the main protagonists on it. Claude (I guess we can confirm at this point that it's definitely Claude), Tommy, CJ, Vic, and Toni.

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Hey all,


Sorry for being a MASSIVE newb, but NONE of those phone numbers work for me. I just get a *beep* *beep*. Only one that works is 911.


Do I have to dial the "-" ? cause I cant find that on the phone confused.gif

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