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GTA IV Secrets and Easter Eggs


Recommended Posts


..::GTAForums.com Official Secrets and Easter Eggs Topic::..


user posted image


Thanks to CCPD for making the banner


This list has been helped put together by the members of GTAForums.com, Many thanks to the people that Helped


If you want to find a Secret Or Easter Egg quicker , or you believe you found an undiscovered Secret or Easter Egg. Press Ctrl + F , just to check if it is already here.


!!Caution: There may be spoilers below. Look at you own risk!!



Please Fill one of these in, if you wish to send an egg or secret, if you don't, it will be unlikely ill post it.



Section: what section you think it deserves to go in I.E. Real-Life References.Easter Egg Name: Put the name of the Easter Egg or Secret Here.Notes: Describe where or what the egg or secret is.Picture (Optional): 




Table of Contents

A list of everything in one place.


Easter Egg/Secret List Rockstar References Sex References Previous Grand Theft Auto References Musical References Movie References Television References Manhunt References Real-Life References Other Game References Miscellaneous References/Secrets Possible References/Secrets

Website DirectoryPhone Book Directory---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The List

If you wish to post a Secret Or Easter Egg please try to send a picture or a exact location so someone else can get a picture of it. you don't have to but this so people don't send in fake Easter Eggs.



* - the Lost and the Damned.


* - the Ballad of Gay Tony.



Rockstar References - The people at Rockstar love to put their logo everywhere they can. Here's a list of what's been found so far:



1. Rockstar Pins

Rockstar Games have a habit of putting their logo in the games, so if you go to a bowling alley and look at the bowling pins you will see that they have the r* logo on. (Thanks to FelipeVinhao)


2. Rock Star Clothes

As we know about Rockstar Warehouse, they don't sell just games, but clothes as well. And It seems that Liberty City people buy clothes there, but not the ones we see on the online store. (Thanks to FelipeVinhao)


3. Rock Star Music and Video

Not exactly the Rockstar logo, but still a egocentric reference. This music & video store is near Frankfort High subway station. (Thanks to FelipeVinhao)



Sex References - The pervs at rockstar really love hiding sexual content in their games. Here's a list of what's been found:



1. Penis Reference

GTA would not be GTA without the sex references, here is one that is in the bowling alley, as a neon sign, if you look close at the picture you can see that it is made out of a one pin and two bowling balls.


2. 69 Reference's

This is another thing Rockstar like to put in there games, is the number '69'. here im going to put all the 69's.


1. The 69th Street Diner.

2. 69 Dollars., (found on stripper leg).

3. Fire Trucks.

4. 69 Exchange.


3. STD

On the "tuned" version of the Sentinel, there's a sticker which has the acronym STD which means Sentinel Tuning Division, this is a parody of the Subaru logo STI, but also a parody of STD which means Sexually Transmitted Disease. Thanks to FelipeVinhao


4. Dildos

On many trash piles around Liberty City, you can find dildos, similar to the ones used as weapon or gift on San Andreas. Thanks to FelipeVinhao


5. Group Sex

The securicars in GTAVC and GTA3 had the words Gruppe Sechs on, the ones in GTAIV have a similar one saying Gruppe 6.


6. Golf Course Shape

if you look at the golf courses cafefully from a height you may notice that they are penis shaped.


7. Derriere

Derriere is a brand that sells ornaments for thongs as we can judge by the Ad in Star Junction. Apart from the logo which is clearly an ass, "Derriere" means "Bottom" in French. Thanks to mogyle


8. Pegassi

Many of the cars' brands are based on sexual shapes, but the only one with a reference is Pegassi, which is a fetched version of "Goatse". If you know Gaotse, you'll see what I mean. Thanks to Mogyle


9. Penetrators

There's a basketball team called Penetrators in Liberty City. Their logo seems to explain why. Thanks to FelipeVinhao


10. Gay

On Purgatory (near the car wash), there's a bagel factory called G&Y Bagels Ltd. Notice that the ampersand ("&") painted on the old logo is similar to a lower case "a", forming the word "gay". This is also visible on one of the loading screens. (Maybe it's the only hidden message the inhabitants of GTA world noticed, making G&Y changing their logo on the modern version) Thanks to FelipeVinhao


11. Big Wang

Who said we need a downloadable content to see a big wang? There's already one on Chinatown, but it's the name of a restaurant. Thanks to FelipeVinhao


12. Talkin' Balls

A sport magazine. The name isn't "so" meaninful, until you read the question "can the Mighty Cocks penetrate the Beavers?". Thanks to FelipeVinhao


13. Cher Kov

In a screenshot, Niko is wearing "Cherekov" clothing brand. In the screenshot, the 'E' has fallen off, left with "Cher Kov", pronounced Jerk off. Thanks to Stink_Fist


14. Sperm Carpet*

Go to Bahama Mamas, a dance club in TBOGT, and take a look at the carpet.



Grand Theft Auto References - Rockstar has included quite a few references to previous Grand Theft Auto Games. Here's a list:



1. Hidden Artwork

On a wall in LC, you can see artwork from previous GTA's, these include: 8-Ball from GTA3, CJ from San Andreas, Misty From GTA3, The Helicopter[/url] from San Andreas, The Twins from Vice City.


2. Welcome to Vice City

Like in San Andreas with the surfboard in the closet or the maps in the bin, GTAIV has its own little reference to Vice City, when you enter any of the bars in Liberty City you will see postcards of Vice City.


3. Past Protagonists Reference

When you go down the stairs of you first apartment you may spot some graffiti referring to past GTA protagonist's, Claude, Tommy, Carl, and Toni.


4. Familiar Buildings

If you go to the mini golf course in Liberty City you may recognize some buildings from past GTA's. There is the giant cock and farm windmill from San Andreas. The Lighthouse from Vice City and Cones from Los Santos, San Andreas


5. Las Ventura

If you even have time to watch TV in one of your apartments in-game, one of the TV programs called Las Venturas Poker Challenge will show several scenes (including casinos and people) from San Andreas right before and after commercials. Thanks to FelipeVinhao


6. Love Fist

You may remember Love Fist from GTA Vice City, Well like in San Andreas there is a reference to them on a sign in Star Junction, Could this mean that they are coming back in DLC or it is just a to fool us.


7. Claude's Clothes

When you kill Playboy X, go to his apartment to get some clothes that unbelievably resemble Claude's clothes who was the protagonist from GTA3. There are also a lot of Claude references like peds that look like him.


8. Hot Coffee

You may remember that hidden content was found in GTA San Andreas which was called 'Hot Coffee', this ended up being a big problem for Rockstar Games, but there laughing about it now with the many references they have put in the game. one of them is a that has a sign saying 'Hot Coffee Shop'.


9. Plane Ticket

Well this is not in the game but its related to it, on social club there is a plane ticket for Niko Bellic to go to San Andreas.

Could San Andreas be a sequel or DLC? we will have to wait and see. (Thanks to Basa for image.)


10. Dog Food

If a anger a certain pedestrian, he might say "I will grind you into dog food", which is a reference from GTA III, where Marty Chonks used to get his enemy's and turn them into dog food.


11. Well Stacked Pizza Co.

One of the restaurants from past GTA's that didn't make it into GTAIV is Well Stacked Pizza Co., well actually it is in the game but you can't enter it.


12. Donald Love

If you look at any newspaper in the game you will see a familiar face on the front, it none other than Donald Love, who if you remembered disappeared in GTAIII. (thanks to MisterBates666 for the picture).


13. OG LOC CD's

Once you get your second apartment, the one in Bohan, you can look on the ground next to the coffee table, and in front of the bed. There are a few CD's laying on the floor. Zoom in with a sniper, and of course, one of the CD's is of OG Loc from GTASA.


14. Zebra Bar

Zebra Bar if you remember was a commercial on the radio in GTA:SA about a chocolate bar with a creamy inside, it has made a comeback in GTA:IV, you can find them at various news stands around LC, but you cannot eat them.


15. Redwood Cigarettes

Redwood Cigarettes have also made a comeback in GTA:IV, if you remember there were billboards and commercials on the radio about them, (sound clip coming soon), these can be found at various news stands around LC, sadly Niko can't smoke them.


16. Dude

Dude was a construction company in San Andreas. Dude makes a return in IV.


17. Belly Up

Belly Up Fish was a fish based company owned by the triads in GTAIII, which was also set in liberty city, you can see the logo on various carts around LC.


18. Lips FM

You may remember that in GTA3 there was a radio station called Lips FM, you can see the logo on a billboard in LC.


19. Mr Wong's

Mr Wong's was a laundry Shop from GTA3, it appears in LC once again but not enter able this time.


20. Hippo Bins

These can be found near and at places like the bowling club in Liberty City, these were also featured in San Andreas on the pier.(thanks to Uni)


21. RS.Haul

A removal company in the GTA canon, appears in Vice City, San Andreas, VCS, LCS and now in IV. If you say the name out loud, it says ARSE HOLE. (thanks to YESINEEDALOTOFHELP)


22. Visit Vice City and San Andreas

There are several billboards of FlyUS around Liberty City announcing flights to Vice City, Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas. Not so hard to find. Thanks to FelipeVinhao


23. Glory Hole Theme Park

Glory Hole Theme Park was known on San Andreas by its radio commercial, and now you can visit its website on in-game Internet. Thanks to FelipeVinhao


24. BabiesOvernight.com

If we had the PetsOvernight.com service on previous GTAs, delivering dogs, monkeys and giraffes in a box, overnight, now we have BabiesOvernight.com. And if you don't like the baby they provide, just put it in the plastic bag provided, and they'll send a new one. Thanks to FelipeVinhao


25. Free James Pedeaston

I think this one should be in the GTA section, not in POSSIBLE. ... Also there a Russian pedestrian walking on south Broker who resembles James' pictures on the website and on the poster. Thanks to FelipeVinhao


26. Madd Dogg

Remember the rapper who almost lost his career and his life in San Andreas, caused but then helped by CJ? He's still "madd" and famous, just like his rival OG Loc. You can find both CDs on the music player at Comrades Bar, Broker. Thanks to FelipeVinhao


27. Claude Drawings

In "The Triangle" next door to Cluckin' Bell there is a bunch of paintings, one of them looks very like Claude. Thanks to MLVD


28. Niko*

Niko the main character from GTA: IV. The end credits of The Lost & Damned show various missions in Niko Bellics story, including Romans sorrow, bleed out,uncle vlad, museum piece & three leaf clover. (thanks Pr0xy_fl00d3r) but there are lots of references to Niko and the storyline of GTA:IV, what do you expect it is the add-on for GTA IV


29. San Andreas' Backdrop

In the Funland Amusement park in Broker, one of the rides has a backdrop of San Andreas. (thanks to bammargera.)



Musical References - There's a few references to music in Liberty City also. Here's what's been found so far:



1. Stomp

Banging On Trashcan Lids for An Hour, is a parody of Stomp, where they use every day objects such as trashcan lids, saucepans, brushes etc to make music.


2. 50 Cent

Follow this video and will be able to find 50Cent. thanks to //JohnnyGat\\ for the vid



Movie References - There also are a few items that are meant to refer to movies.



1. Weekend at Florian's

The mission Weekend at Florian's is a refrence to the comedy movie 'Weekend at Bernie's', (Florian insists that his new name is Bernie.)


2. Terminator

The mission called "Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle", is a reference to Terminator 2: Judgment Day, in which Arnold Schwarzenegger says this famous line.


3. Freddy Krueger

If you take a look at a certain pedestrian you find that he will a little like Freddy Krueger, he is dressed in a black and red striped top. If you don't know who Freddy is, he is the main character of the Nightmare on Elm Street Series, created by Wes Craven. (Thanks to GTASIX for the picture.)


4. Corpses Bride

In the Fair Ground, the Haunted Mansion is called "Corpse Ride" in reference to "Corpse Bride" by Tim Burton.


5. 300

On your in-game safehouse, look for some piles of books. The name of one of them is "Madness & Blasphemy - The Do's And Dont's", refering the 2 words that provoque the anger of Leonidas. Maybe this book has some hints about avoiding being kicked into an abyss. This is Liberty!!! Thanks to FelipeVinhao


6. Wayne's World*

There's a car called a Rhapsody that can be found in-game. It is very similar to the one that Wayne and Garth drive in the movie Wayne's World. If you open the door and zoom in to the dashboard, there is a photo of Wayne and Garth taped onto it. Also, the car's name - Rhapsody - is a nod to the famous 'Bohemiam Rhapsody' scene from the movie. (thank to Marquischacha for the words and Enjoii for the discovery)


7. Silence of The Lambs *

In Stubbs' second mission 'Off Route', during the cut scene before you steal the prison bus, a prisoner is being led out with a face mask similar to Hannibal Lecter's in the movie 'Silence of The Lambs'. The cop also says 'I saw what you did to that orderly!'. In the movie, Lecter tears out an orderly's tongue with his teeth. (thanks Marquischacha)


8. Come Out To Play!*

In the mission 'Bad Standing', when you're running through the hideout looking for Brian, Johnny calls out, 'Brian, come out to play', in a style similar to that of Luther from the 1979 movie 'The Warriors'. Also, Rockstar adapted 'The Warriors' into a game in 2005.(thanks Marquischacha)



Television References - Ahh, yes. The world of TV. It isn't a surprise that there would be a few references to television in Liberty City.



1. 72

This is a parody of 24 a popular TV show in America on the TV Channel FOX starring Kiefer Sutherland also the clock that is used to say the numbers '72' is reference to the ABC show Lost.


2. Science Of Crime

Crime Scene Investigation has its own parody in GTA IV, called Science of Crime, you can find posters for this all around Liberty City.


3. Higgins Helitours

The name "Higgins" is a reference to a character in the TV show "Magnum P.I." As you can see in the picture, the name was changed post PC release. Inside Brucie's garage in BOABO there is a calendar, you can enter the garage during the "email car delivery" missions. Park the car close enough to the garage door to get it to open, then walk in. In the PS3 version the helitour calendar has the company named as "Magnum", which was later changed to "Higgins." (founded and worded by Sweets)


4. MeTV

Music Entertainment Television is a clear parody of MTV. The "Me" on the in-game acronym may be a reference to the egocentric behavior of some artists who appears on the real life TV network. Thanks to FelipeVinhao.


5. Weazel (News)

Rockstar making fun of Fox network, Weazel News logo is somehow similar to Fox News one. Fox News is known for some reports against GTA series, that it can change the behavior of people and transform them into killer sociopaths. It also may be a reference to the expression "weasel words", which defines statements used to create the illusion of clear communication, but intentionally used to mislead listeners or reader, like ones starting with "some people say that...". Thanks to FelipeVinhao.


6. Americas Next Top Hooker

It's the GTA world version of America's Next Top Model, just changing models by... hookers. 'Nuf said. Thanks to FelipeVinhao.



Manhunt References- Manhunt, one of Rockstar's other great games, makes appearances in Liberty City. There are so many Manhunt references that it is deserving of it's own section in my list. Here they are:



1. Manhunt Hippo Statues

In the amusement Park in Broker there are blue/purple Hippo Statues, just like the ones from Manhunt.


2. Lionel Starkweather

If you hang around the mafia guys down in Little Italy, Algonquin, follow a mobster around if he's talking on his cellphone. If you follow him from the start of the convo he'll likely talk abit about Lionel Starkweather from Carcer City, from the Manhunt game. He'll say something along the lines of "That Starkweather in Carcer is one sick f*ck." (worded and founded by Wanted Assailant.)



Real-Life References - There is also quite a few easter eggs that refer to things in real life. Whether it be a landmark, a store, a music icon, or just a person, it's here. Here's the list:



1. Sprunk

You may remember Sprunk from GTA VC, GTA SA and Manhunt well its returned to GTA IV with a brand new look. Sprunk is mainly a parody of Sprite but may also be a parody of others, but it also can be argued that the name is also a play on the word spunk. You can find Sprunk scattered all around Liberty City.


2. Cluckin' Bell

Cluckin' Bell is one of the few restaurants to return in GTAIV, Cluckin' Bell is a parody of Taco Bell and KFC as the companies have merged, it also could be a play on the word F*cking Hell, Cluckin' Bell can be found in numerous place in Liberty City, check your map for details.


3. Burger Shot

Burger Shot is another restaurant returning in GTAIV, this is a parody of Burger King.


4. Fud Washing Powder

In any of the laundrettes in Liberty City, you will be able to spot an advertisement for the washing powder FUD, this is obviously a parody of Daz a washing powder in England. Thanks to smd86 for the photo.


5. Banksy Refrence

Banksy is a British street artist who is well known for the art, the people at Rockstar have paid a little tribute to him by putting their own Banksy artwork in. Thanks to domthecondom for the picture.


6. Cluck Norris

In Cluckin' Bell stores, near the back of the store, there's a action figure of a man in a martial art position and has a chicken head mask on, printed on the glass is 'Cluck Norris', which is a parody of Chuck Norris who is a expert in martial arts and has invented his own martial art and the roundhouse kick.


7. Fruit PC

Nothing escapes Rockstar Games not even Apple, that's right, if you type in to a address bar in any computer 'fruitcomputers.com', you will see a parody of Apple's products including IPhone which is called the IFruit Phone.


8. Prison Street Names

Well we all know that a new feature added to GTA IV is street names but is the any meaning to the names , well one of our members (SuperJay) has found out that some are named after prisons, (street name catergory coming soon)


1. Leavenworth Ave

2. Alcatraz Ave

3. Sing Sing Ave

4. Guantanamo Ave

5. Attica Ave

6. San Quentin Ave

7. Folsom Way (best known from "Folsom Prison Blues" by Johnny Cash)

8. Rykers Ave (from the fictional Rykers Island prison in Marvel Comics)

9. Joliet Street


9. Vain[u

Next time your at a newspaper stand look at the magazines, you will see that most of them parody real life magazines

such as Vain which is a parody of Vanity.


10. E-cola

Is a play on the word E. Coli, a bacteria famous due to a relatively recent outbreak.


11. LSD

The rubbish collectors in IV called LSD are a reference to the drug LSD short for LySergic acid Diethylamide. (Thanks to Derelict Frog.)


12. Eunux

The Linux on GTA world. It has a sea cucumber called Sux as a mascot (making fun of both Tux and the 1337-speak version of "sucks"), it was created by a visionary teenager called Eunus (parodying Linus), and it fights commercial OS, like To$$ OS (Windows) and Fruit (Mac OS). "Eunux" is the 1337-speak version of "eunuchs", which is the name given to castrated men - in-game, Eunux users forbide the participation of female users, probably originated from jokes that geeks don't like women.

Thanks to FelipeVinhao


13. 24/7 Market

The parody of 7Eleven, judging by the logo similarities. Maybe one of the only parodies by Rockstar without the intention of making a critic or a sex joke (at least until you find a abandomned 24/7).

Thanks to FelipeVinhao


14. Kronos

The new GTA brand to parody Rolex, substituting the too-obvious Crowlex of previous GTA editions. See the similarities between watch models and font used on logo.

Thanks to FelipeVinhao


15. Eris

Makes fun of footwear companies in general (and users who like to spend a lot of money on exclusive models), but logo and font ressembles Asics.

Thanks to FelipeVinhao



It's a reference to the real world American electronic stock exchange National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ), and its pronounciations sounds like "ball sack".

Thanks to FelipeVinhao


17. Bean Machine Coffee

Just like real life Starbucks, there is one on each corner, no kidding. For those who reads "sex" everywhere they look, the logo is simply a grain of coffee...

Thanks to FelipeVinhao


18. Redwood Cigarettes

A clear reference to Marlboro, and the cowboy who appeared on TV advertisements, controversially giving the "glorified practice of smoking" image. The three men who acted as the "Marlboro Man" - Wayne McLaren, David McLean, and Dick Hammer - died of lung cancer.

Thanks to FelipeVinhao


19. Glory Hole Theme Park

It gets clearer in GTA4 that it's the GTA version of Disneyland. It has a mouse as a mascot, and "Larry Lion and his Pride parade" is a reference to the hidden content that "subliminal chasers" say they found on The Lion King about sexuality (like the famous scene with the WORD "SEX") and homosexuality (the mannerism of some characters, besides members of cast being outed).

Thanks to FelipeVinhao


20. Sequential street names of Algolquin

If Rockstar used the number system to name their rendition of Manhattan streets, it'd be obvious that Liberty City is a very shrunk version of New York. Instead, they used mineral names for the streets ordered from south to north (Amethisty, Barium, Calcium, Diamond, Emerald, Feldspar, Garnet, Hematite, Iron, Jade, Kunzite, Lorimar, Manganese, Nickel, Obsidian, Pyrite, Quartz, Ruby, Silicon, Topaz, Uranium, Vauxite, Wardite, Xenotime) and real life places names for the avenues ordered from east to west (Albany, Bismarck, Columbus, Denver, Exeter, Frankfort, Galveston). People from Liberty use this as a way to orient themselves like real Newyorkers, like when Francis McReary orders you to get a sniper rifle from a car parked on the corner of Albany and "M" to kill a guy who lives on Denver between "V" and "W".

Thanks to FelipeVinhao


21. Tom Jackson, Attorney At Law

On Alderney, there's a game store that seem to replace something that was the office of an attorney at law called Tom Jackson, who uses the motto "no case too small". If you're a real GTA series fan, may know a real life attorney at law with similar (inverted to tell the truth) name that is considered the nemesis of the series. But it seems that, as his in-game counterpart, he wasn't so successful as games are.

Thanks to FelipeVinhao


22. Frankie Boyle*

Frankie Boyle the Scottish comedian, seen on shows such as 'Mock The Week', can be seen in a Ricky Gervais style appearance in the comedy club 'split sides'.



Other Game References - Rockstar also placed a few references to other video games, mainly talking sh*t about them.



1. Squid Row

One of Rockstar's rivals has been parody in the world of Liberty City, Saints Row but instead they called it 'Squid Row- Budget Seafood'.


2. Jimmy Hopkins

At the end of the opening cinematic for Elizabet's 2nd mission, you can see Jimmy Hopkins, The protagonist of the game bully, also by Rockstar, dancing in the back.


3. Super Mario Bros.

On the wall of the arcade place on Chinatown, there are several pixeled pictures resemblying the sprite of old games. One of them is a blond man, half bald, with a long mustache and plumber-like black clothes, but without T-shirt, who looks like Mario from Super Mario Bros games. Maybe Rockstar didn't want to take so hard on Nintendo, as they'd release Chinatown Wars for DS.

Thanks to FelipeVinhao


4. World of Warcraft

On in-game internet, there's a site of a game called Loot & Wank VIII, which its logo resembles World Of Warcraft one. The site mentions it's the first online edition of the game, after the release of Loot & Wank VII - Banging The Cyclops (which could be Warcraft III), costing $14,99 a month, and reuniting crazy people who stays 18 hours non-stop in front of a computer.

Thanks to FelipeVinhao


5. Second Life

In GTA, there's an online 3D virtual world called My Online Me, where "you can be and do anything you want", similar to Second Life. Some of the funniest but not far from reality features are the use of real money on virtual property, a "penis upgrade" for the avatar, and meeting women who are really men.

Thanks to FelipeVinhao


6. Old Game Consoles

There's a store on Alderney where you can buy or sell old videogame consoles, like Pocket Pad, Game Box and Fun Cube - probably referencing (and mixing) Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket, Xbox and Game Cube - besides old coins ("God knows why"). Notice that the game store replaces the office of an attorney at law called Tom Jackson...

Thanks to FelipeVinhao


7. Halo

If you ever watch the Republican Space Ragers, notice that, besides fighting "illegal alien", the other similarity with the Halo series are their space uniforms.

Thanks to FelipeVinhao



Miscellaneous References/Secrets - Just a list of secrets and easter eggs that don't fit into any other category.



1. Child's Buggy

Although there are no children in GTAIV, there is a buggy hidden , I do not know if there's any meaning to it being there, could it mean there are children hiding - I doubt It.


2. The Heart of Liberty City

If you ever have the time, visit the Statue Of Happiness (Statue Of Liberty), inside you will able to spot a giant heart actually pumping, the is no reason for being there only just to creep you out.


3. No Easter Eggs Here

Remember in San Andreas on the Gant Bridge 'There Are No Easter Eggs Here Go Away', GTAIV has got one saying 'No Hidden Content Here', you will find this as you are about to enter the Statue of Happiness.


4. Dusche Gold

There's a brand of beer in the game called ' Dusche Gold'. Dusche is German for Shower, if can figure it out that it equals Golden Shower, now there's a beer i wouldn't drink.


5. Helicopter Sign

If you look around the cockpit of any Maverick (ordinary or special), you will see a funny sign saying "This helicopter might crash but we really don't care if it does; refer to flight manual for help". Thanks to FelipeVinhao


6. Printer Error

If you go in any of the [email protected] cafes and look at the printer you will see a error 'ERROR UNLEASH NINJA GURU'.


7. Prison Guards

If you look on the walls in the prisons, you will find prision guard names, which are funny.


1. Seymour Fani

2. Isaac Hunt

3. Richard Head

4. Phil McRevis


8. Dinosaur Data

In the Libertorian Museum, look for the 2 dinosaurs skeletons descriptions and you'll find information about the model itself (like more than 21000 polygons), not about the dinosaur, similar to the Gant Bridge description in San Andreas. (founded, worded and picture by FelipeVinhao.)


9. Obscenity

In the Museum, go to American History section and look for a covered statue. Maybe it's just a broken sword. Thanks to FelipeVinhao.


10. Pißwasser

The beer name Pißwasser is a strange mix between English and German: "ß" is read as "ss", and "wasser" means "water" in German. Just make the connection now. If the meaning isn't clear yet, just take a look at some billboards around Liberty. Thanks to FelipeVinhao.


11. Birra Puttana

It's a beer brand imported from Italy. "Birra Puttana" means "Whore Beer" in Italian. Thanks to FelipeVinhao.



Possible References/Secrets - These items appear to have been placed in the games for a reason. Maybe they are easter eggs that we haven't found the link to. But so far it is unsure what the reference is or if there even is a reference. Some may have a reference, but may only be a glitch.



1. Grove Pier 69

This could be a possible references to GROVE STREET, the main gang in San Andreas, the one CJ was in. It could also be Pier 69 in San Fierro, San Andreas. (Thanks to MC_320)


2. Free James Pedeaston

When you walk into the [email protected] cafe in North Algonquin there is a poster to your right which says "Free James Pedeaston!" James Pedeaston was the host of The Wild Traveler show on WCTR in San Andreas. He repeatedly suggested that he liked small boys and also was questioned by the authorities because of it. From the looks of things he is now behind bars. The poster also features a picture of James. Which gives us our first look at him. (Thanks to pandazoot for the description)


3. Secret Shirt #1

At the Statue of Happiness at one of the doors, is a t-shirt that reads 'Happiness is...... Land'.


4. White Widow

In the subways, there are posters advertising a product or company called White Widow, If you dont know what White Widow is, look here. (Thanks to saturnneo and FelipeVinhao for the Pictures)


5. Skull Box

If you have time, go into a small place with Packie McReary and place the camera by his head, it then should go though his head and you can now see in his head, if you look you can see a box that has a picture of a skull on. wierd (Thanks to

Doctor Emmett L. Brown for the discovery)


6. Burger Shot #2

There's a abandoned Burger Shot in Dukes (may be Broker) on which the only letter that still work are Burger Shot | Burger Shot (Bugs Are Sh*t). (thanks to Mogyle)


7. 24/7

At the Twenty Four Seven (which you can not enter) in Beechwood City, on the neon signs that only 8 letters show up

Twanty Four Seven = Twat Furs.


8. C.J

if you head south on Albany Ave. you'll see a "Front-a-lot" billboard to your left with a picture of Carl sitting down holding a drink. It should be on the corner of Albany and Nickel. (Thanks to derek3056 and kev the man.)


9. House with Working Garage Door

At the northwest corner of Ortiz Road and Flathead Road (Alderney), there's a house that, if you get close to the garage doors, they'll open for you, similar to the garages of previous GTAs. If you keep yourself there, a person will eventually stop the car outside garage. Could this be an unused safehouse or be part of a mission? Thanks top FelipeVinhao


10. Liberty City Satellite View

At Montauk Avenue, between Dillon Street and Earp Street, there's a satellite picture of Downtown Broker. Thanks to FelipeVinhao



Website Directory

This list is were you will find websites from in-game and out of the game.


Visiting these sites redirects to Rockstar Games homepage.




























































www.littlelacysurprisepageant.com (four star wanted level)



































Phone Book Directory

This were you can find numbers that you can ring in-game with your mobile phone. You can also use your mobile for cheats (using cheats will effect getting 100%)




Health And Weapons - Call GTA-555-0100

Weapons Call - GUN-555-0150

Advanced Weapons Call - GUN-555-0100

Health Call - DOC-555-0100

Wanted Level Down Call - COP-555-0100

Wanted Level Up Call - COP-555-0150

Climate Change Call - HOT-555-0100

Spawn Cognoscenti (Mafia Car) Call - CAR-555-0142

Spawn Sanchez (Dirt Bike) Call - MBK-555-0150

Spawn FBI Buffalo Call - CAR-555-0100

Spawn Turismo Call - CAR-555-0147

Spawn NRG900 Call - MBK-555-0100

Spawn Comet Call - CAR-555-0175

Spawn SuperGT Call - CAR-555-0168

Spawn Police Chopper- Call FLY-555-0100

Spawn Jetmax(Boat) - Call WET-555-0100


*For more info visit Rockstar Game Social Club (Address In Directory)







Please Pm me if there are any mistakes or any incorrect information


A big thanks to FelipeVinhao who suppled the topic with other 100 pictures


With many thanks to the mods Ottae and Jayzamann for letting me host the topic


This list is © to gta_talk of GTAForums.com

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There was a topic last week which was pinned which was a phone directory and web directory which has a lot more numbers than you've got listed. It was created by oysterbaron if thats any help. Dunno what happened to it though, but it had quite a lot of numbers.

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On the second trailer, 8-Ball can also be seen on the wall. It's pointed out on one of Gametrailer's trailer analysis videos.

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we have 1 day left so i swear if someone deletes this post!! anyway. i found a bowling arena and the logo for it looks like a penis and the bowling balls look like well .. balls


user posted image

Edited by Meowholland
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This Used Auto Parts Looks Like its 555-7900 or 555-7300 ur call on what you put dude


BTW for better look watch last minute in gametrailers hd review! smile.gif


user posted image


oh and this should be a sticky topic!

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ok i will add that, plus look at the second post jayzamann said he was going to pin the day it comes out

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Great thread, I love these Easter Eggs and when I (Eventually) get the game hope to enjoy all the little secrets Rockstar put in. Hell, a big reason for me anticipating GTA IV is because they said that Liberty City will be filled with maniacs. Which hopefully includes a serial killer.

But a side note, on the telephone numbers you can ring, has anyone tried the numbers from Vice City? Like Pastor Richards and Jeremy Robard's stuff? Maybe Rockstar have put in an Easter Egg there.

Edited by Typhus
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Slight correction; Cluckin Bell is based on Kentucky Fried Chicken + Taco Bell as here in the states most of them share a building the exact size as one usually has, with the kitchen split in half. It really does matter that you don't leave this unnoticed. Call me a wanker for details blush.gif


user posted image

user posted image


Now you see why rockstar found it so funny wink.gif


Great work on the post, you beat me to it, but you did better than I would have icon14.gif

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at the bottom of the stairs in the safehouse at hove beach on the right wall. there is graffiti and u can see the name CLAUDE and also something that mentions TOMMY.

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in one of the bars in the vlad cutscenes you can see behind the bar that there are vice city posters and greetings cards that were used to advertise VC, maybe they are making a big link between these, who knows?


occasionly on the radio ive heard people talking about down south possibly meaning VC?

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Bean Machine Coffee - 555-0110

Emergency Services - 911

Express Car Service Roman Bellic "Enterprises" - 555-2222

Express Car Service Roman Bellic "Enterprises" - 555-3333

Fire Proof Doors - 555-5700

LCPD Recruitment - 555- RECRUIT

Liberty Construction - 555-1274-73

No Problemo Bail Bonds - 555-945-733-92

The Serrated Edge (CNT Show) - 1-800-555-5555

Superb Deli - 555-4674

Used Auto Part 555- 7300

Vinewood laundromat - 555-5123

ZiT* - 948-555-0100

Most of these don't work at all

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