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Last mission (boat)


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Im on the last mission and i chose revenge over money.


-WARNING- if you have not played very far yet do not read the following. -WARNING-


so i just cleared out the boat, im the only one on it, there are no more bad guys, i killed them all

i made my way to the bridge and i pressed L1 to open the cargo hold, and it showed a movie but i accidentily skipped through it and didnt get a chance to see it

now there is a red blip on my radar that represents dimitri and im guessing he is somewhere inside the cargo hold, but i cant find where to go to get into the cargo hold,


what did i open when i pulled the lever?

and where can i find it?

anbd where is the entrance to the cargo hold?


all these questions pretty much mean the same thing: where is the cargo hold entrance located?


any questions please ask ive been looking around for an hour.

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Make your way to the deck of the ship. You'll find a few enemies on the way. On the deck, along the middle are 2 rows of large grey rectangular blocks. These are the cargo hold doors. Two of them at one end will have raised up (opened on a hinge like doors, but sideways) so you can drop down to the room below.

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