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sick of losers on GTA online


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Hey guys saw a similar thread for psn owners so thought id start a 360 one (sorry if there already is one please point me in the right direction)


Most ppl I speak 2 online feel that they cant enjoy GTA to its full potential coz of idiots who deliberately spoil games. Iv been in many games now where groups of mates are just coming into the lobby then voting to kick every1 for a laugh just to mess the game up.


Iv had some awesome online games (cops n crooks turf war hangmans noose) when the lobby is full of mature behaved players lol


Dont really know much bout clans n stuff but gna try n get a base of players playing together to get the full potential out of GTA


Im 21 y.o form the UK


all ages, UK and american + everywhere else welcome


just add me, gamertag: screrkio


Also what do you guys think overall about GTA4, you dissapointed? or better than you thought?


I had been following it since announcment, played all the GTA's and expected an amazing game in line with the hype and was not dissapointed this game is amazing!


had put in bout 150 hours on COD4 since release n love it but havnt touched it since 29th april LOL


anyways if ur up 4 sum good online play or already have clans nr organized games let me know


just add me, gamertag: screrkio



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I agree bt i am a bit of an idiot online cause i get in the race games and beep the horn non stop so i get a laugh and people talk to me in beep voice its prety funny anyway add me



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If you dont like people on your game then just kick them simple as that. And then block them.

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cant kick them unless half the ppl in lobby want to so thats not an option, probably for the best as if they give the host total power it would just end up like gears of war where the host just kicks u wen u kill him lol

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