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i play online and i have unlocked the zombie and i get about 20 kills over deaths in just about every game i play. I go to single player mode to check stats and it says i dont have any stats. i asked my friend if he could check my stats and he says i dont have any. people are ranked and ive been playing online since the 2nd day. i play missions for a lil while then play online. so how do i play ranked games to get stats??

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Your stats should always record. (i think even if you play player matches they still record.) Right now there is a problem with the servers where sometimes stats aren't recorded or they are recorded then erased, it is weird though that you would have no stats at all. Are you sure you weren't checking the wrong area. I.E. you were checking team deatchmatch stats, when all you've played is deathmatch or cops and robbers

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