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Xbox died -Did GTA IV Kill it?


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The unit stopped outputing video after a mission 35% into the game. I'm not sure about sound.



First my sexbox 360 decided to freeze up after the above mentioned mission. I thought it was the sexbox, nope. I put in halo 3 and my video signal came out as a bunch of blue rectangles. Tried a third time, and there was no signal.


Did GTA IV kill my sexbox 360? Anyone else experiencing the same outage?

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Mine did that like 2 months ago. Call to get it fixed. If they asked if you tried a new video wire, just say yes.

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sounds like the av cable might be damaged, borrow a friend's cable and test it out mercie_blink.gif

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Probably because you call it a sexbox rather than an xbox cookie.gif

Let it sit overnight, and if tommorow it is still on the brink, send it off for repairs.

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