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Ok how can you jump a car off the packer ramp?!


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It's really obvious they didn't because there's a whole row of traffic behind the packer.


You can't launch off a packer unless maybe you ride off a ledge.

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Also look at the end of the truck, the ramp don't go all the way to the ground. So this is a DEV shot for sure.

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Herman Gatevold

This pisses me off. Why did they even post that f*cking picture in the first place? I am used to Crackdown where this exact truck is one of the main sources of fun in the game. I wish they included the same in this game, but NoooooOOOO...

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The Packer trucks in the previous GTA's were so much fun, and in this one with the vehicles not disappearing so fast I was really looking forward to using them, but... MEH!

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