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That's so GTA


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I dunno about you, but I play GTA 4 every chance I get since I got it. Now when I watch movies or tv and see some action things, i can't help but say "Thats's so GTA!"


Watching car jackings from to worlds craziest police chases shows or the like.

"Thats's so GTA!"


Watching a movie with a gunfight on the street that you didn't see coming.

"Thats's so GTA!"


I can't remember what it was, but someone drive a car in a movie plowing into a heap of peds.

"Thats's so GTA!"


Yes, I have played too much GTA 4 lately. Sitting here looking at stuff on the internet and checking e-mail.

"Thats's so GTA!"


Im sure some of you will say I should change all of the above to

"Thats's so GAY!"


Has anyone else see stuff that reminded them of the game?

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Soon your dreams will all take place in Liberty City. Then you will start noticing your town is starting to resemble Liberty City. We've all been through it.


A word of caution though, the next time you encounter cops concentrate really hard to make sure which reality you are in. If you're playing the game, kill them all. If you're in the real world, those actions will be very costly.

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